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"One of the criticisms that’s always been levelled at the ... [virtual world reporting done by Wallace and others] is that it takes these things too seriously. “It’s only a game,” is the constant rejoinder whenever we call into question the things that go on in these virtual spaces and how they are managed by the companies that run them... But, as we’ve maintained all along, it is not in fact only a game. These places are models for the kind of society we’ll live in, in the not-too-distant future. They’re worth paying attention to — close attention, since much of what happens in them has a direct bearing on the way we will live... [T]he societies that are developing in these places point the way toward the societies of the future, whether online or off. To a great extent, if you want to know how we will live tomorrow, look at the way we live now in a place like Second Life."

In the immortal words of UK:R is it because you are shit at Tekken? If virtual societies are pointing the way towards societies of the future then societies of the future will be composed of:

1) An inordinate amount of young boys pretending to be girls
2) Boring people from San Francisco (See image)
3) The word GAY will be made the official national greeting
4) Whining women
5) Whining men trying to hit on whining women by whining about non-whining men and players who insist on actually playing games rather than *hugging* each other like autistic care bears on E
6) Furries who have got a Marmot and Dragon in them
7) Crates and Barrels the likes of which you have never seen
8) Illogical levers
9) People who are shit at games that involve a basic level of hand-eye coordination

Wnakers! Go away feed your cat and then masturbate over Wizard of OZ. Stop clogging up servers with protests against anyone who is trying to make some money, and fuck off with one minute silences for tragic events occuring over the world. I think the last thing victims of Terrorism/Conflict/Natural Disasters want is a bunch of SIlicon-Valley 40 year olds staging a vigil. Just send some fucking money and then cyber with your in game " " " " Girlfriend " " " " who is not secretely another balding remnant of the free lovin' 60s. Okay



  1. I think we're alone now
    Doesn't seem to be anyone arou-nd

    Where did all the commentors go?

  2. By all, I mean all 4.

  3. I dunno, I think we should have some kind of contract, like:

    Upon making your first comment you are legally bound to comment on each and every post with valid and pertinent information/questions/opinions. Cock-suckage is optional based on age/sex/attractiveness.

  4. Anonymous15:11

    i was insatiable. the doctor told me i was going to do myself irreperable spinal injury if i carried on as i was. so i tried toilet rolls, but they were too big. so i tried straws.

    then i ran out of straws.

  5. Anonymous12:41

    Sorry but I have caught up on posting so hahahahahhaha, anyone want to give me a job? I will shout at the Chuff too but we ahve been taken over by Monster Hunter.


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