That Guy's a Maniac Con 2006

What started out as one night gaming turned out to be a three day bonanza of hardcore gaming and retro-insulting. For those of you who missed it here are the highlights:

Venue: Fatty Bunter's Institute of Electromedia, Dr.Wo's Laboratory

Games Played: Dog's Life, Bomberman World, Micro Machines V3, Micromachines V4, Guitar HEro, Freedom Fighters, Quake 2, Shaolin, Jumping Flash!, Sonic Rush, Animal Crossing Wild World, Sensible Soccer, Burnout Revenge, Fight Night Round 3, Smuggler's Run Warzones and Forbidden Siren 2 (far too scary, danm demo time outs). Oh my god we were having so much fun we didn't even touch Haunted Maze.... amazing

Highlights: Chuff_72 creaming at Bomberman World as Ninja Bomberman although he did insist on constantly playing his favourite level over and over again as well as wearing fake thumb nails for half of the weekend, Mo yer 4 (AKA Witch Bomberman) despite a shaky start on Quake 2 and Bomberman went on to rule the roost as the Yellow Guy on Shaolin as well as do an excellent Russell Crowe "Dorothy Perkins", Dr.Wo 69, couldn't stay off the railway tracks in Bomberman and proved that He is still "Book Boy Book" and "Block boy Block", Jades (AKA Buttmunch) won herself this months Maniac award for her autistic ability at Guitar Hero, savage ferocity in Shaolin, as well as making The Shit, Tits and Balls cake (picture coming soon!) which was instant diabetes for those who had a slice, Roodypoo got sold a forgery painting in AC:WW as well as paying off her mortgage again. I proved that I am terrible at Burnout Revenge but I've still got it with Micro Machines (only because Quadbee wasn't around), winning three tournaments in a row, as well as being the overall CON winner taking away with me some new underwear, an MP3 player and a copy of Monster Hunter on the PS2. Overall a good time was had by all.

Shouts* With one of the biggest gatherings of the original "krew" in at least 4 years and in the company of new friends, Shouts, both old and new echoed around the East London venue:
"Alright Guv'nor?, Kevin Bacon?, Dorothy Perkins?, Walking stick? What you on abaaaat?"
"Kevin Bacon's Wigwams"
" I'm a woman"
"Homophobe"/"Immature Homophobe"/"Satyrwyld" etc.
"I'm right behind you"
"What colour am I again?"
"Hang on, wait, wait. I'm just trying to do something"
"If the only way you can win is by cheating"
"Oh it's your favourite level"
"Don't die (insert player name)"
"Weeee got a 10:24 south east banana grove"
"No. I can't do it. It's no good I can't do it"
" Oh Chuff, It's everywhere and you have dark sheets"
"Cheating. Cheaty boy cheat"
"Someone's been reading the book. Book boy Bookison"
"What are the controls"
"I've got the Homophobic pad"

* Shouts When a large group of players get together it is imperative to use "Shouts" at any given opportunity. The key to using shouts effectively is to repeat the same phrase over and over again until other players mess up because they are laughing too hard. Some might say this is immature but then again some "mature"people try looking for love on WoW.Hopefully the next That Guy's Con will be bigger longer and better and will also feature The Chlamydia Cake


  1. Yeah and maybe Richie might turn up at the next one...

  2. Anonymous19:37

    Oh Richie, it's everywhere, what's wrong with you, get the UV light!

    Oh no, it's worse than we thought...

  3. Anonymous20:05

    dude that weekend was whack! Needs to be done again hopefully when i,m not working all weekend so i can play more! Richie move to London there are more WoW players down here and they're REALLY hot, like REALLY HOT!

    /juggles your balls intensly


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