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Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast - Goku Balls Naked Super Street Con IV

Its become a yearly tradition for me now, each Autumn (That's "Fall" for the more verbally inept of you, or "the bit just after summer") I get excited about the next Dragon ball game. Well... Last year not so much, Dragon ball Z: Burst limit (360) was a bit of a let down being less of a direct sequel to Tenkaichi 3 and more of it's own entity. But this year! Oooh boy Dragon ball Z: Raging Blast is due out. Currently it is set for a European release on November 10th 2009, but as with all the release dates I'm taking this one with a pinch of salt and I'll say December 11th 2009, and I'll let future Richie take the responsibility and keep you updated on that one. So what's good about this one? Well It's more of a direct sequel it features the copious amounts of characters from the previous games though a full list has not been confirmed it has been stated that there will be over 70 characters, each with alternative outfits

The PC Guys are all a bit bitter about Gameswipe

Perhaps it is because they couldn't get it off steam? Or maybe because they had to actually watch TV and they haven't done that for ages. Rock Paper Shotgun summed the show up pretty well. Richard Cobbett continues to look like David Mitchell. But if there is anything the men, who have mostly had marginal success writing for dying magazines and a niche following on the old blogosphere (RICH, SO RICH COMING FROM US), have said that makes sense is that the show felt very cobbled together because it was trying to do justice to the whole of gaming kind in a single show. And for an audience wider than the gamer gamers (see pie chart, the red slice). It could easily be a 420 part series but then who would watch it? Gamers think they know it all. The average TV watcher probably doesn't give a shit. Then again the same demographic expressing dissapointment at Gameswipe are the same people who regularly bemoan TV for being totally shit. So you can't have it both wa

Finally the GTS sees sense

And if you don't know what the GTS is you can FUCK OFF.

Watch Tonight!

From the Graudian Gameswipe With Charlie Brooker 10pm BBC4 Following in the footsteps of Screenwipe, Charlie Brooker's new show- you guessed it- aims its remote at the world of videogames. Whether you're a gamer hater or lover, Gameswipe- part of the Electric Revolution season on BBC4- shows how games can be just as dumb or brilliant as TV and movies. And Charlie certainly knows what he's talking about, having spent his early career causing mayhem at PC Zone. Graham Lineham, Dara O'Brian and Dom Joly are on hand to join in the pixellated fun. Thoughts on the bit from the Guardian: 1) TV and Movie envy :( 2) Gamer hater or lover? Surely this should be game hater or lover? Who loves gamers? 3) Would have left out the bit about PC Zone, most people think that is a shop where you buy printers. 4) With the exception of Graham Linehan funny men from elsewhere on TV have no place here. 5) Videogame rather than video game? Controversial. 6) Forgot to mention the guys from Video

We got a reply!

Remember that lost post when we emailed LEGEND Graeme Norgate? Well he only friggin emailed back, which to be honest has made us gush like a mucopurulent teenage girl at a Jonas Brothers gig under a waterfall. Here's what Big G had to say: Hello, Thanks for the email, glad to hear you like my stuff...going all the way back to KI too, that is retro :) the "is that too loud" bit is just me messing around with sounds and for some reason putting them on the gameover screen of Timesplitters 2. I can't quite remember the reasoning behind it now, I think it stems back to when I would listen to vinyl as a kid, and sometimes you'd get a "hidden" message right at the end. Thanks again Regards Graeme This email gave us lots of useful information about Graeme. Like, if we want to be like Graeme we'll say KI instead of Killer Instinct. Also, we got a fricking emoticon. I'm never gonna wash my email inbox ever again. So that's the reason

Breaking Timesplitters 2 Noise

This is breaking news. This news occurs nowehere else on google. It is regarding a weird noise you get when you die playing through Story Mode on Timesplitters 2. Here's how to access the noise. Start playing through story mode on Timesplitters 2. Die and then the restart/quit screen comes up with a big floaty blue thing in the background with some loud music. Just put the pad down and listen to the music. It trails off and then you get some scary noises. Then right right right at the end after the scary noises a woman's voice asks "Is that too much?". In the interest of full disclosure here is the email I have sent to LEGEND Graeme Norgate for info: Hi Graeme Huge huge fan! Huge. I became aware of your work through Timesplitters and restrospectively found out you did the music on Killer Instinct too! What a legend. We used to listen to Killer Cuts all the time until the CD wore out. Anyway fandom aside I was playing through Timesplitters 2 again last week (Siberian D

Restoring the Capcom to the blog.

Some sad Capcom fanboys are looking for suggestions for the next Capcom vs XXXX title. In order to restore some Capcomness to this blog here are our top 5 suggestions: 1) Capcom vs the pool of baby lotion 2) The real Capcom vs the Capcom characters from fan fictions . 3) Capcom vs the giant purple cheese with a vagina in RE2 4) Capcom vs Blazing Squad 5) Capcom vs Kayne West LOLOLOLOLOLOL Also, here's a hint to all the asswipes leaving comments on the Capcom Unity blog, if you make a suggestion and have to put (funny) after it it probably isn't funny (bitterness). Image of Tree Spirit Sakuya from Okami confirming that she does indeed have a Buttless dress from this dirty perve clacier over at Deviant Art.

Some stuff on Pokemon

Richie is totally away at the moment which means that the thin veil of quality control we pretend we have here at TGAM is now completely gone. However, problems with quality control and staying 'on message' have been with us for months. Despite being called That Guy's A Maniac we haven't posted anything about Resident Evil ever since that Sheva Nude cheat . We should rename ourselves in order to better reflect the content. An obscure eleven year old game quote just won't cut it anymore. In fact I copied all the text from the last month of TGAM and auto-summarized it in word over and over until it pared down to something that looks like a blog title. This is the result : Time Crisis (GunCon)Time Crisis 3 How much gaming does he do? posted by Cunzy11 at 3:00 PM 3 comments TGAM top 50 ultimate TGAM top games best list of best games of all time ever: Number 41 Unlike all the other Resident Evil games on this list, this game is new. 42: Wii Play Tanks! In other gam

Video Games Finally Harnessed for the Power of Good

A new video game created by celebrity scientist Baroness Susan Greenfield is set to finally harness the power of video games to make children do 'good things' rather than 'bad things'. Ever since 1996, children have been playing video games to kill zombies, pilot futuristic spacecraft and connect gems of the same colour in a line to make them disappear. "And what we've seen is that children go out into the real world and do these things" Greenfield explains. "Scientists reckon that video games are more powerful than influences from parents, peers and even television". "So rather than control them to manage a house of people as in the Sims or identify Pokemon footprints as in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time, we've harnessed that power so that children will do better in life by playing this game". The new game called The best you could probably do given your socio-economic background will launch ready for the Chris

That Sodding Lovikov Ball Noise!

I'm deadly serious. I can hear it all the time at work? I'm gonna leave it for two weeks and if I still have it then I'll start googling the symptoms, which I may have to paraphrase as I doubt "Constantly hears the sound from No More Heroes when you are near a Lovikov Ball" will get many hits.

That Last Post Was Way Too Bitter

Plus I'm getting paid by the Kabutops. So here's a fun game for you. It's called Spot the odd one out* *It's not the one you think. P.S. Does anyone else keep hearing the little noise you hear when you are near a Lovikov Ball noise all the time? I do. It's distracting .

The top ten of Iphone games/apps

Yes. I'm capitalizing Iphone and I'm spelling capitalizing like a yank. It's going to be one of those posts. But we mustn't shun the new platforms when they come out we should welcome them with open arms to join the fold. Recently, Steven Gates (is he the apple man? It really doesn't matter) tried to prove that the Iphone was the shit because it had more games than the DS and the PSP. By that reckoning the PC is then the best gaming device! Didn't think about that Gates did you, you lemon. Anyway, much like the Nintendo DS, the Iphone does have a whole load of steaming shit available for it with the occasional warm gem hidden in the pat. Nobody is going to suggest that any of them are all time greats but here's a summary of the best presented in the tried and tested Top 10 tradition: Top Ten Original Iphone Games. There isn't a single original Iphone game. Every Iphone game is either a port, a clone or in the worst cases an adaptation of a mini game

London Fashion Week vs E3

This is the first post in one of our signature 'series' that never had more than one post in it. You can find all the others (there aren't any and there never will be) under the tag of "Us vs them". This Friday London Fashion Week um, it, well it comes to London? Although it doesn't really go anywhere else. London Fashion week will get miles and miles of column inches over the next couple of weeks from articles in those wanky glossy fashion magazines that look like future porn through to the columns written by plump middle class Bridget Jones wannabes who write for the Guardian. Fashion is an okay thing for people to be interested in. Gaming not so much. Its fine to waste money on shoes, clothes and bags. Not fine to waste money on games. In an not so scholarly analysis we'll have a look to see why one interest is perceived as socially acceptable and the other as socially abhorrent by comparing two of the biggest events in each camps calendar. It&#

TGAM The Epic That Guy's Pokémon Clash 2009. The Results

Ever since we announced it we've had genuine emails requesting updates. So without further ado, here is how it went down. In true sporting fashion the fight went down at 11am in the morning and neither combatant had showered yet: Richie: The short version is that I won, Dragonite trounced the first few Pokemon after Dragon Dancing, followed by Garchomp and Gyrados, I threw Salamence in there at one point as a sacrifice just to show off my Dragon collection. Annoyingly Dunsparce never made an appearance in the main match. Cunzy1 1: The slightly longer version goes like this. Richie lead with Dragonite and I lead with Crobat. Richie had Ev'd most of his guys in speed which, I will admit came as a total surprise to me, so it is a testament to both Crobat and Aerodactyl that they even got a hit in. Crobat opened the battle with a super fast confuse ray which was negated by Dragonite's Lum Berry which although was annoying it would be useful for when Dragonite got confu

That Guy’s an Agony Aunt

Today we are tacking a few questions from the games industry and its state of play (sic): Dear Thatguys, Everybody loves me, they all want to be like/with me. I am great, my games are great. I am a modern day Da Vinci of the games industry, My cock is so massive, marvel upon the cock of me, gaze upon its stature, admire it’s spectacle, erect a statue in it’s honour…. [Edit it goes on like this for 17 A4 sheets, front and back.] Your Saviour, Molyneux Well Molyneux, not so much. All of your games suffer from mediocrity, but you don’t seem to get it. Every time you announce a game you over-hype them to the point of vomiting, in the hope that the next generation of players will buy into your elaborate Molyneux-cult like fantasy™. I could go into much more detail about the shoddy implementation of (Heads-up, compliment incoming) what is quit unique and interesting artwork. In a shallow unfriendly shell of a game (RE: Fable 2), but I wont. Because then it becomes constructive criticism

Penny Arcade WTF

Apologies if this is not new news to everyone, but I just saw the creators of of Penny arcade, i.e. Gabe and Tycho. This reminds me how horrible IRL can be in the games industry, nobody wants to see that. As such this will be my farewell salute to Penny Arcade. It was fun while it lasted*, but it is now time for us to part ways Original here *i.e. keep you open in one if the firefox tabs, and read you when the boss is not looking. Dismayed, Richie X.

The Feed Reader

This post is one of those 'interesting' insights into our lives posts. Ignore it if you are just looking for that Sheva nude cheat or for more of our ultimate top 50 greatest games of all time posts. It ain't here. Recently we went on holiday for a bit. This meant that there were thousands of bits and pieces of stuff to read on our feed reader. There's no way to read it all now. We're way too busy so here's a little insight to how we rationalised it: Deleted everything from the Escapist . The only reason the Escapist is on there at all is for Zero Punctuation. And that comes out every Wednesday. And we know that. Should really get round to unsubscribing . Deleted everything from Capcom Entertainment . Which was a total of 1 post. Why do official developers and publishers websites suck balls so hard? Deleted Omastar Twitter feeds . Self explanatory really. Although, Omastar currently has 200 more followers than TGAM does :( Deleted everything from Penny Arc

Sorry. DSi only!

The first DSi only games were announced last week. I just don't understand why they would do that. Why so quickly? Why wait until half the world have a DS or DSlite, then bring out the DSi then bring out DSi only games. Wouldn't now be the time to be bringing out the DS games now that everyone can get in on the action? Realistically, it is probably something to do with the DS having an average attach rate of 3 games. Which means anyone wanting to accrue a collection or play through all the decent/semi decent DS games gets fucked with a stylus but the average punter gets to keep that shit-eating grin on their face. Everybody sing it with me! [In eastern European propaganda stylee] R4 cartridge! R4 cartridge! Giving the consumer a genuine chance at experiencing! This wonderful culture! They killed R4! They killed R4! Now the only option is to buy Kirby: Canvas Curse on Ebay! For a hundred bucks! R4 cartridge! R4 cartridge! Giving consumers the dream! The only way to play them a

Team: 1 1

When we signed up to finally battle each other it was with some trepidation. It was of course the natural destination for both of us playing these games side by side for so many years. I guess it takes you that long to get familiar with the game but it's only now that it seems right to battle against each other. God knows how it is going to pan out but little did Richie know that I started battling him before we were even in the same country! Psychological warfare. It is my strength in life and multiplayer games. I'm rarely the best at any game but I can get a slight edge with a bit of psychological battering. In this instance I had a head start. Months before we were due to meet up I had been hounding Richie in a dirty war. Underhand tactics to be sure. One aspect of all successful games that I despise and hate is the 'community'. Any community tends to charge themselves with sucking all the fun out of the game. Super Smash Brothers community is one such who arti