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Classic+ the fantasies

Following on from my conspiratorial rambling I also have a few desires of wants for what Classic+ may be: For those of you who don't know the concept of Classic+ is that, contrary to moving into TBC or perhaps in parallel there would be additional work done to Classic WoW to enhance change up or rejig the Classic experience. Part of the reason that this or something similar is likely to happen is that by the end of the year the final raid will be out, and it is a toughie, but will likely get trounced withing a few weeks, after that point what happens next? In private servers there was the concept of "fresh" where you start again from scratch. But what is the benefit of blizz just opening new servers as is again? Who know regardless I have some thoughts on what I would like to see in new Classic+ Content Add Raids: This is something I have floated in my head for a while, there are many raids which are set on the classic continents such as Karazhan, Uldamann, Grim B

Resident Evil Spirits In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Welcome to the world of Survival Horror but with cartoon violence and stuff A whiiile ago now, four spirits from the Resident Evil series were added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch to coincide with all the Resident Evil games coming out for the platform and this post is an appreciation that that even happened at all. When Smash Bros. Ultimate came out, a lot of fans of the series weren't convinced by the 'storyline' content, the world of light and the single player challenges represented by the Spirit Board. Spirits, in this game are the essences of video game characters, items and places and in order to earn the spirits you have to best them in a fight. What we absolutely loved about battling spirits is that each fight re-imagined the essence, theme and tropes of the wide field of inspiration from across pretty much all of video games as it would be told through the main Smash cast and items. To reuse a well worn cliche, each one is a love lette

That Guys a Maniac Podcast 2: Thatguys plays Super Mario World

Another Podcast video thing, This time we play Super Mario World badly Audio for Richie is terrible and he has been warned that any future quality issues will be met with swiftly and with the full extend of the upside of his head. Love and Yellow Yoshis, Richie + Cunzy1_1