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The Art of... Pokémon TCG Chilling Reign

It seemed like there was a return of the late 1990's Pokémon card fad as bored rich Youtubers, blew the scene up again, the scalpers went a-scalping and professional card graders couldn't even keep up with the demand with the volume of cards being sent in for grading by locked down boredos desperate to cash in on the hype. Ultimately it lead to card shortages, as the millionaire youtubers and scalpers bought boxes by the hundreds and for a hot minute there it felt like everyone was cracking packs on their channel on the hunt for the illustrious chase card (one of the 4 million charizard cards most likely) and likes, follows and subscribes. Much like the NFT craze but slightly less pointless, it seemed like the cards themselves sort of got lost amongst the hype. But we've been long term fans of the game and even have the promo cards and PTCGO beta rewards to show it but today I'd like to look at an often overlooked aspects of the cards, the card art.  In the only readil