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Gaming Achievements You Wish You Had: Richie Remix

Following on from Doppelgangers post.

I have my own set of achievement wish lists.

#1 Final Fantasy VII (PS1): 1000GP Fucking RIGHT I got 1000 points: I spent so long on this game, getting some of the harder "achievements"
- 'Everyone' at lvl 99
- Obtained Yuffie and Vincent
- All Ultimate Weapons - Omni-slash obtained. - Aeris's final limit break. - Bred a Gold Chocobo
- Master Summon, Magic and Support Materia's
- Ruby Weapon Defeated
- Emerald Weapon Defeated

#2 Super Mario World (SNES): 1000 GP Yeah entirely completed, 96 exits located. I know this is isn't the hardest of "achievements" but this one in ingrained in me. I guarantee you I could straight up complete all the way up to 96, with all the tricks timing and secrets safely stored away in that mess of useless grey matter I call a brain. In fact to confirm this myself and Doppelganger went through this again a couple of years back. We straight up played 2 player start to finish in one day…

Iran in controversial 'Typist' threat.

Remember this from last year? Out of the blue Iran chose to single out the speedy normal type Pokemon. Banning all broadcasts featuring the slinky Pokemon, pokedex #53.

The "BBC Persian, which will go on air next week, will be used by British intelligence for "espionage and psychological warfare", according to Iranian officials."

Were Team Rocket involved? Bizarrely, Meowth were fine. Original story here and super-mad-props to Rob is Gay who has given us enough of these to run with forever.

Axillophiles go nuts.

Exposed armpits confirmed in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Dear Dragon Quest IX. We're Sorry

Nintendo are pushing DQIX so hard and via the various channels that we consume all things video games we run the risk of getting Dragon Quest indigestion. Both EDGE magazine and ONM have run DQ retrospectives and articles in addition to those horrid PROMOTIONAL FEATURES that look like NON-PROMOTIONAL OBJECTIVE FEATURES. There have also been a couple of DQIX videos on the Nintendo Channel and a number of prime-time TV spots. Even the bloody real-life newspapers were carrying reviews and previews on Sunday. There was no escaping it.

And yes, we know how they all go. "DQ sold a bagillion copies in Japan". "Nobody is interested here". Except for the PS2 version. That was quite good. Yet, for all this rhetoric and the unanimous glowing reviews we aren't even going to bother buying it, here's why.

Firstly, and least importantly, there just isn't the culture of ad-hoc multiplayer play here that there is in Japan. I lose count of the games that have these 'ni…

Streetfighter vs Tekken!

Following on from my previous post, it seems that it might actually be happening!

Oh yeah! Ryu and Jin Richie X

In Memorandum...

To those of use we lost 12 years ago to this day during that “incident” in that “mansion” just outside Raccoon city.
To the brave souls of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha and Bravo teams we lost; May we never forget you!

Love and dearly (re)departed fake specialist police teams,
Richie X

Mission Failed

Hey readers. I messed up. Can someone tell me about this Dead Rising 2 website?

"Namco vs Capcom" vs "Capcom vs Namco"

Holy shit bubbles!

Rumours are circling the internet that there will be a Namco vs Capcom game AND a Capcom vs Namco game!
Word of mouth is that Namco bandai will produce “Namco vs Capcom” using their Tekken 6 engine. And Capcom will produce “Capcom vs Namco” using the Streetfighter IV engine!
Bad ass, if it were true, it all seems a pipe dream... to good to be true.

But Fuck it... on to the wish list.

Capcom is easy, we all know the Marvel vs Capcom series line up on the Capcom side, that’s fine. we love it. But Namco? Now that’s a toughie, their strongest mascots are probably the Tekken/Soul Calibur group... but whom else?

Not very likely methinks, a round yellow ball with a mouth... not the most complex button mapping to do...

Mr Driller:
Little guy in a pink suit that Drills underground, It’s doable, would like to see Megaman Vs Mr Driller.

“Tales of” Series:
Now admittedly I am pretty gay for Tales of Vesperia, I never played the other ones as they are on completely different sys…

Gaming Achievements You Wish You Had

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Achievements (Trophies if you swing that way).
In some respects I hate the fact they try and control the fun to the extent where I feel like I can't cut loose and just enjoy game anymore.
I do however like to have something tangible now from a game upon completion, something that I can look back on and at a glance tell how much I got from the game , how long I spent and even to an extent how much i enjoyed the game. So when we did the Painful Moments in Gaming week it got me thinking about games from my past and how it would be nice to have a record of time spent on games from my childhood.
So here is my top 10 list of games that I spent a lot of time on as a kid, each of which I'd love a record of achievement for and what I think I would have scored..
(I am aware that some of these games are available on XBLA) 

#1. Treasure Island Dizzy(C64): 970,  I was robbed of a perfect 1000 score... it still hurts man...

#2. Double Dragon 2 - …

Well why the fuck not?

We used to write a blog about Resident Evil dontcha know?


We already mentioned ALREADY JESUS CHRIST ALREADY GET OFF MY BACK MOM ALREADY! That we are big fans of video game soundtracks. Be it the official tunes, an inspired remix and very occasionally we even allow songs which have merely sampled an OT. to creep onto our MP3 player. PRO TIP: Never ever, ever be tempted to listen to a video game related song which has been filed under the 'comedy' or 'humorous' genres. They are almost exclusively 11 year old boys who sound like girls on helium doing the first season Pokemon theme tune. Tetris remixes aside, of which we are veritable connoisseurs, we do like hard copy soundtracks. They are often objects of beauty as well as magically trapping the music onto a disk.

Here's our top 5. Yeah that's right bitches. Doing a list. Lists are normally the reserve for the green around-the-gills, unskilled new video game bloggers. But when you've been blogging as long as we have you are allowed to sometimes ironically do a list.


Is? Is this a new series? Maybe, maybe. Chronicling the activities of the often underestimated bug/grass pokemon. Do not underestimate bullet seed.

Full article from here.

Nintendo Channel: Now Showing

TGAM gives you the low down on the Nintendo Channel, Nintendo's sometimes under-used promotional channel available for free download on your Nintendo Wii. This third of team TGAM is a big ol' Nintendo fanboy and is keen to evangelise the rather good comunity stuff that is on offer for the Nintendo Wii.

Another two weeks of Weekly Downloads Trailer On Wiiware, DSiWare and Virtual Console, round-ups of the latest new content on the Nintendo Shop. Pearl Harbor [sic.] Trilogy- 1941 Red Sun Rising actually looks quite good. Kung Fu Funk looks like fun in short bursts if you've never played Warioware. The mental Toribash is given a bit of love although even we wouldn't buy it from the weird ten seconds of footage. Zenquaria: Virtual Aquarium is yet another virtual aquarium for your Wii except this one had Mii compatability. And looks rubbish. DSiWare has the rather shambling new line up including Steamworld Tower Defense (yet another tower defense game!), Hair Salon Pocket…

Omastar Comics #28

Omastar is away this week:

It has happened. The rot set in. The series sold out. Omastar comics will never be the same again. In order to get the #8793rd most popular webcomic on the web to go back to its roots and ditch this new style then sign the petition here.

To be honest Omastar, in your absence, the ratings were up, readers loved the new style and to be frankly even more honest than before fictionalised cephalopod molluscs just don't sell copy anymore. You're done and I'll see to it you never work in this town again. Again.
In other news:

No gaming news. Nothing. Nada. Go outside you rapscallions.
Blockquote tags discovered on blogger and used in odd ways by bloggers!


News story from here. Shame on you Paras.

A Moment For Gaming Literature

Books innit? In between writing about games, listening almost exclusively to gaming soundtracks and reading about games on the Internet we occasionally find the time to actually play some games. Rarer still, we find time to pick up a game related book and give it a bloody good read and now is a good a time as any to be reading about games. This time five years ago, you'd be hard pressed to find any gaming based literature in your local book shop. Now, for the discerning reader, it is hard not get buried by it.

First up, we've been reading The Second Life Herald: the virtual tabloid that witnessed the dawn of the metaverse by Peter Ludlow and Mark Wallace. This book is 3 years old now but charts the early days of the growth of things like The Sims Online and Second Life and where interesting stuff happens with emergent behaviours in games. If you completely missed this chunk of gaming history but want to know more about why people bother with second life, what the Upskirt Museum…

Lost Planet 2

We played and wrote about (in yellow?) Lost Planet and pretty much hated it because it let us down. This was supposed to be next-gen.
Then Richie tried to hide his excitement following the hype train for Lost Planet 2 and bemoaning the near-transparency of this IP amongst several 'hardcore' gamers.

Well, like the adolescent boys we are we've had a little play for the first time [of Lost Planet 2] and we like it.

1) This is essentially an HD, fighting large things version of the truly truly excellent Freedom Fighters. Why didn't a single review (disclaimer: that we read) draw this parallel? Freedom fighters was excellent. This game is also mostly excellent. Space dwelling snow pirates freedom fighters!
2) The Capcomness. Unlockables include emotes, nom de plumes, weapons and clothes. There are thousands of emotes and nom de guerres to collect and it''ll take even keen players forever to unlock them all. Once again, some of the unlocks are CAPCOM MAGIC(T…

Congratulations ONM!

Congratulations to out favorite Uk-based Official Nintendo Magazine on their new Guinness Book of Records (Gamer's Edition) World Record for:

Most articles published on least content [Nintendo Franchise]

The prestigious magazine picked up the tenuous award upon posting the article titled "New Pokémon outed". This record breaking article made the books as the 2210,0067th article on the unreleased game Pokemon Black and White. So far, a handful of screenshots and a dozen confirmed new pokemon have inspired the skilled team at ONM to:

Write more news articles on this one game than Pokemon in the pokedex (with the new editions).
Produce articles which when printed out and bound, forms a series of volumes larger than that human genome book series that twattish scientists keep banging on about.
Write more words than neurons in the average human brain.
Draw more inane comments than bricks in the Great Wall of China.

The record was previously held by blogger Ed Green, who, due to a pro…


Sometimes, you can't help but just post up a link and encourage people to go and bloody click on it. So BLOODY CLICK ON IT. I promise to you friend, you won't regret it.

Via RPS.

Post Script: Sometimes also, we wish we could write too.

Catching Giratina

We bitch loud and hard every time a Pokemon event comes to town. It means looking like a paedo, travelling to undesirable parts of the country and is a massive pain to lie to everyone about going to. However, despite "hating it" we did go to the Arceus (and the Mew event but that is a different tale) event earlier this year. I only just got round to doing the special in game event, the first of two, the second I will never do because you have to have yet ANOTHER Arceus and well. My eyes have just experienced perhaps the trippiest thing I've ever seen on my DS.

SPOILERS by the way if you intend to ever do this event and want to keep it secret.

Against my better judgement I feel special for being allowed to see that little video first hand without cheating. Certainly better than other DLC and makes the traumatic experience of obtaining these event pokemon that little less painful. Good on you Nintendo I say, good on you!

Also, props to the 'community' for taking the t…

Nintendo Channel: Now Showing

It has been a while since we checked the Nintendo Channel to give you, the armchair hardcore gamer who 'hasn't plugged the Wii in for months', the low down on what is essentially Nintendo TV. We (well I) am a big fan of this service and I'm keen to get more of you to use it and I'm keen for Nintendo to contiue to support it.

Nintendo TV episodes put together by the Official Nintendo Magazine continues with three new installments.Episode 3 highlights the best of Wiiware and DSiware (Lost Winds, World of Goo, Bit Trip, PicoPict, Earthworm Jim). A lot of people on the ONM forums were complaining that this episode was a bit unneccessary but having seen first hand how; a) few Wii owners have ever explored the Nintendo Shop let alone understand what Wiiware is and b) hard to navigate the stores are if you don't know very specifically what you are looking for, I'd say that this particular episode was well in order. It is stil a shame that Wiiware demos are no long…