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Brute Update 28/04/2009 FINAL

Fuck it! I remained patient, I thought it may be a fun thing to track the progress or out little virtual thatguys. But I cant be fucked with it any more! Constant error pages Thatguys brute... R.I.P. Cheers to all of you that supported us. Richie

Brute Update 23/04/2009

Oh FFS another 3 losses today, probably the worst Brute out there! New Pupil... DAVEMELLIS Lets get some comments on the go, we'd like to know who you guys are... Until next time, Richie X

Brute Update 22/04/2009

Another fucked day for our brute, she lost 3 matches... She's currently struggling her way though level 3. We do have some new recruits: Wilfmadbloke and pisspants Fingers crossed they have better luck than our brute/punching-bag Laters, Richie X

Brute Update 21/04/2009

Well... the thatguys brute is off to a slow start. and seems to be getting used as a pixelated punching bag. She has almost made it to level 3 and through very little merit, she has only won one match so far. On the upside though we got a couple of new brutes: RandyMcSporran and brt0nfnk Well so far so... Pish. Laters, Richie X

My Brute. Challenge us, or you are gay...

So in our random fumblings in the vast soiled panties that is the internet, we stumbled across "My Brute" where you create a little fighting character where random features and stats are created by the name you enter. Anyways this is a shameless shout-out to all the readers/haters/random-perverts-looking-for-Sheeva-nude to follow the link below and help the thatguys brute level up, follow the link below to become our pupil, and well... beat us up. Luv n HugZ Richie XXX

The REAL reason why EDGE-Online's Whole Team Quit

Because copying and pasting articles from the magazine and news from Kotaku can get really really tiring quite quickly.

Exclusive content TGAM wallpaper

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to download a wallpaper. FREE. That is right totally free. This is just one of the gifts from the team here at TGAM to our readers who have stuck with us for nearly three whole years. How to get your free TGAM Wallpaper. See the image below? Just click on it. You will be taken to another window with a big version of the image so you may wish to write these instructions down on a piece of paper so you can follow them when you are in another window. You then need to right click on the image (Use the B button if you are on a Mac) and click on save as desktop. Or is it use as desktop? Something about a desktop. Then, MAGIC! YOU NOW HAVE THE EXCLUSIVE WALLPAPER. You can also save it as a JPEG and use it on other computers. Or on your Wii even. The image was created* by one Tatsuo Kayagumi, lead dolly on Resident Evil 2 (GC version). For blind readers it is a picture showing the legendary Omastar, star of Omastar Comics , as a giant peering over a mou

The Peggle nude cheat

Hardly... This game was originally sold to me as "Crack for gamers" And it really fucking is, it is hard to explain but, it seems to have just the right about of skill and luck to enjoy continuously playing it. Throw in different modes, Multiplayer, Xbox live multiplayer and boom all you could want in a time-wastey game. Luv n Hugs, Richie.

TGAM will return

At the moment the only active member of TGAM is in Africa on fieldwork, proving once and for all if RE5 is racist or not. Normal service will resume shortly. In the meantime......YOU FUCKING PERVERTS!