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World of Postcraft Part 2

Bored of the GH2 songs yet? Lemmie suggest to you Freezepop - Less talk more Rok . It's one of the bonus tracks, and it kick ass. buy it, play it, master it, love it

World of Postcraft Part 1

Hey kids! Its been a while, but I'm currently working on a wee journalism project of which i hope to fill you all in on in the next few days. In the mean time i would like to dispell some of the rumours that have been flying about Richie Possibly taking up playing World of Warcarft. I can place all your minds at ease an tell you that i did not sucumb to the temptations of the burning cursade, and i have not started World of Warcarft. UPDATE: Richie has been playing WoW for ages now. Alas! He is dead to us now. Gone. It's a tragic end to the second greatest videogame blog writing duo of all time. I was invited to his funeral. Here was his eulogy given by me Cunzy1 1 last week. "Never the most attractive woman, he was good at clicking a mouse button. Well I say good. SOmetimes he would miss it but he would try really really hard. He was never that good at most other games. Except, no. No I just remembered he was pretty shit at that too. But ummm. Yeah. If you have any ideas

Book reading is turning all our kids into obese, gay, terrorists

Hi, my name is Cunzy1 1 and I have an axe to grind. I'm going to spout my point of view as fact and back it up with misinformation and uninformed hearsay. Today, I've got an issue with kids reading books, especially homoerotic books about wizards and dragons and the such. Gone are the days when children would come home from school, play a few rounds of Quake 2 with their friends and then sit and talk to each other over a nice dinner between friends and families. These days kids are obsessed with reading books about 'wizards' who use 'majicks' to 'save the day'. They are becoming mindless zombies sat tranfixed with words on a page barely moving save to turn a page or to 'shoot up' some heroin which they learned from another book about drug abuse. People in bookshops don't care, they rarely check ID when the lazy slob children come in to buy the next installment of Manly McMan's book about shooting and killing real people from nearly real

The Big UK Con!

And not "Con" as in Convention, "Con" as in the UK is being fucked over. I'm Privy to a little information, and it is information that i feel should be more common knowledge. Have you ever wondered why consoles cost so much more over here? Well, its all to do with Tax. The consoles get taxed much more here than in places like Japan and the US. Why is this? Well its all to do with how consoles are classified, to this day consoles are classified as VCRs, and the reason VCR's are taxed so heavily is because of their ability to record television. In this day and age this is archaic, hell even at the time it was stupid! As if your fucking NES could record TV. Stupid, Just Stupid. And you know that the government won't change this, nor will they make it common knowledge because they are getting our money! Think about that when you go out to buy your PS3, don't think that it's just Sony Shafting you Mr Blair is too. That's right a Governmental-Corp

Chuff_72 Speaks: THE BIG ONE

Richie and I have been dealing with a big court case at the moment because of this post so we haven't been able to blog about Fifa 07 or the latest fake WoW :( . However, you may remember that Chuff_72 was doing an important mission , as a maniac, but on behalf of all gamerkind (That's you readers). Have you tried to buy a game in real life recently? I'm not talking about the brand newest games I'm talking about old games that have been out for a fortnight or something? Impossible! Mr.Game only sells 5 types of EA game so where do we go to buy the underated classics like Tomb Raider 3 or Resident Evil Code Veronica X? We go to the Indie stores, at least in theory we do. I would argue that if game developers want to sell their games they should make sure their games stay in fucking stores for longer than a week. Chuff_72 went to scope out the game shops in Europe's capital city, London. London must sell some ace games right? Right? Here are his findings in one big c


Here in the good old U of K it is snowing. In England (Scotland can handle snow and no-one has heard from Wales for years) when it snows everything breaks. Trains, cars, airplanes, TV reception, Everything. However, Lady and Gentlemens even though we are currently all snowed in, with only a couple of cans of Heinz Beanz for sustinence until Spring, wonder-commentor and Honorary Hardcore Maniac, Chuff_72 has written the world's first review of Lost Planet to coincide with more than a little bit of snow in England's capital. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IT HAS HAPPENED PEOPLE, you saw it here first* Take it away Chuffter: "Is it cool to tell yourself, "I told you so"? I watched all the video's, downloaded all the demos and masturbated over my copy of EDGE, yet at the back of my mind there was a feeling that there was something wrong with this slice of arcade pie... To begin with I followed the crowd, the Dr ( Dr Wo 69, also a stalwart Maniac and long term gamer. He

When Games Go Wrong (again?)

We've all been playing a game when suddenly the phone rings or the smoke from the kitchen reaches your nose and you have to run out of the room to deal with the situation. With the fire abated you return to your unpaused game to find, nothing much has happened...... You still finished the race and you weren't in last, the gaggle of Stormtroopers failed to even take you down to half life. That's right kids! I'm talking about lazy game design . It must have happened to you, when you realise that if you play a particular game by running through trying to pull off awesome combos you will die once or twice but if you walk slowly just using kick you still reach the end with full health. For me, this really ruins a game, destroying the illusions that a) You were any good at the game in the first place and b) That the virtual world you are is one full of unique characters not mindless robots programmed to run up to you and try to kill you. How many set pieces do you know that


So this arrived in the post today! Now all I need is a computer that can run it. Stupid PC gaming. Still, in the event of the end of the world I can travel from town to town scrounging tractor batteries to run top of the range PCs and I don't have to worry about finding the game. I'm going to put this game and all my other dinosaur games in a bullet proof CD case and carry them on me at all times just in case the end of the world happens. On that note, I'm now cheating on That Guy's a Maniac with my new blog Cunzy11'sdinosaursingames blog. I'm going to be the world's leading expert on dinosaurs in games and co-author of the World's Second Greatest Videogame Blog! Just see if I ain't....... In other, non-dinosaur related news, Chuff_72 , long time commentor, member of Catch the Monkeys and other Games B69 and guest writer is on a mission to discover London's greatest game stores. Here's a sneak preview of his antics on Saturday, t