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Guitar Hero... Axed?

Yeah Activision have decided to can a bunch of their franchises. And Guitar Hero has gone to gaming heaven. "WE' DONT NEED ANOTHER HEEEERO" On the upside:  No more new plastic instruments every year.  No playing the same game over and over with different tunes. No more unrealistic multiplayer achievements (in GH at least). Rockband is still out there for now. On the downside: We never saw Guitar Hero: Pink Floyd, or Guitar Hero: Led Zeppelin. So there you have it... Not much to miss about guitar hero, and this is coming from someone who has most iterations of it. Warriors of rock, saw great integration of all the previous games, bolstering set list. And will likely still be pulled out for the occasional house party. In conclusion, Guitar hero... You had a good run, and if I didn't own 6 different versions of you, I would say you would be missed. Love and Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Richie X.

Burnout 2

I bought Burnout 2 for £2 the other day. bargain of the century or what? Burnout 2 is and was a fantastic game. I don't know anyone who ever played the first Burnout or whether or not it even exists. Burnout 2 hits the sweet spot especially as, being an older game and a family favourite it is steeped in nostalgia, but it is a good game within its own right. Later Burnouts lost the way. Burnout 3 transformed crashing into pure porn but slowed everything down with too many load screens and then Revenge and Dominator seemed to come out almost one after another. There's still a heartbeat quickening thrill in juggling building up the boost bar and trying not to crash. Do you play like a pussy and just tentatively jut in and out of driving in the opposite lane? Or do you risk it all for a biscuit by driving down the middle of the opposing lane? Around a blind corner. Whilst drifting. Just the thrill of dodging the traffic as it goes about its business makes games like Stuntman Igniti

Digital Convergence and why it matters to gaming and Nintendo

For the last 10 years, the consumer electronics industry has been converging towards mobile. At one point you would have all your digital devices, your digital camera, your camcorder, your MP3 Player, your Sat Nav, your PDA and your Mobile Phone all connected up to you PC which acted as a Digital hub for all that content and media.  Not that long ago right?  In fact I still have all of these devices, i just use them way less now or not at all.  These of course have been largely replaced by the one device to rule them all, the smartphone. I have used 4 smartphone platforms, Windows Mobile, Android, Blackberry and most recently iOS. I've gotta say carrying around one device rather than seven is obviously convenient, but only recently have these devices matured to a level where it's also realistic. When Apple CEO Steve Jobs was recently asked what the future of the PC was, he used an interesting automotive analogy.  " When we were an agrarian nation, a


They're everywhere! Spoilers in my feed reader. Spoilers as my recommended reading. Spoilers everywhere. Soon you won't be able to open a web page without video game morons, fancying themselves as games journalists, alleviating you or the need to play a game because you've measured, weighed and decided a game is a 7/10 without pressing a button. The Official Nintendo Magazine are doing their level best to spoil the shit out of Pokemon Black and White, despite the fact that all of that and more is already up on Serebii albeit it not stretched out into over 100 'articles'. Marvel vs Capcom 3 has pretty much been spoiled too. If you haven't seen it, I won't spoil it for you now but if you have seen it, just take a second to the think how cool it would have been to have come across that in game without knowing it was coming. It would have been awesome times. There's probably a fucking FAQ up already on how to spoil the spoil out of that spoilers spoiled sp

The Best Thing About Dead Space

Dead Space 2 is out and seems to making some waves. We're glad for it. It's one of those franchises that you can get behind and wish it success. The games are excellent and the Universe that Visceral Games has created is the usual sci-fi schlock but it's all very polished. However, the best thing about Dead Space is that when you shoot the necromorphs the sound they make are almost the exact same noise I make when I stand up or have to bend down. I can't get this association out of my head but I think it makes the games slightly better for it.

Here Comes a New Challenger? Poison?

A few pics have been leaked from Mike Haggar's Final Fight Stage. And low and behold it looks like Poison! For those of you who don't know poison was a character in Final Fight. Originally one of the enemies, some people thought that beating up women might cause offence. So in a stroke of genius from management, it was stated that she wasn't actually a girl, but a transsexual, cuz ,you know it's OK to hit a transsexual over a girl, (presumably because they are lying to us or something?) -.- Anyways, Poison... gained much of a cult following, and to this day remains an alluring mystery... Would she still get it? Final Fight Revenge: limited edition Box art More importantly Will she make it as a DLC character? In previous iterations of games she has has a repertoire of kicks, And a rather interesting move where she blows a kiss and when/if it connects the opponent is subjected to images of Poison in rather provocative poses leaving the opponent stun

Check out this crazy shit

This is craziness from Little King's Story. Not just "whacky, I'm so random, everyone calls me mad" crazy but properly walking down the street talking to yourself and shouting at passers-by crazy.Just watch the first one minute and twenty of this here vid, which is relatively spoiler free although this is one of the bosses you fight. Be bewarn.ed. I mean it just doesn't make one bit of sense does it? Can somebody better educated than us give us some idae what's going on, or this, SHOCK. HORROR. Original stuff? TV tropes has got nothing . Remember when TV tropes used to be fun? They've ruined it now. Is a fat girl really a trope? Back to the game it's just brilliant. I'm finding that Little King's Story is a game that just keeps on giving. Just as I was expanding my city, expecting the game to start wrapping up and the ending to be on the horizon it seems that the game is only realy just beginning. I'll be honest I really wasn't expectin

Shocking images from inside terrorists' lair

On first inspection it looks just like a normal Midgar bar complete with a jukebox, TV and a seedy bar. However, the pinball machine hides the room in which the bomb attacks on mako reactors was planned by the terrorist cell AVALANCHE. A big TV for following the news. A white-board for planning where bombs should go and a umm pirate flag? A punching bag? Not much in the way of terrorist paraphernalia laying around. These guys were pro and it's a bloody good job they helped to stop that big meteor from destroying Midgar otherwise we'd be really really angry at them.

The thatguys puzzle

Well Folks Since Neogaf (via Kotaku ) did some of these puzzles...  Each box represents a game title old and new. Click on the file to download the bigger version, Answers in the comments! Answers will follow in the next few days in the comments section. Love and shameless idea stealing, Richie X.