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On this past Saturday I ventured to the abscesses of England , to London . Essentially this trip was to see the mighty David Gilmour at the Albert hall, but I also decided to pay a visit to an old army-buddy (Well, I say “old army-buddy”: a Uni-mate in his early twenties) called Cunzy11. Anyway the roster for the trip was as follows: Make it to London . Find Cunzy11 Drink Alcohol Purchase/Drink a Cosmopolitan with a Straight face. See David Gilmour. Break into the Big Brother house. Get home. Step 1: Make it to London . First off: there was no fucking way I was travelling to the depths of England in a bus for like a Million hours so, I bought some of the bog-standard internet flight tickets from Glasgow to London. After venturing for an hour on the Train I finally make it to the airport with 45mins to spare (as the tickets said). Well, I check in and the Big-Magical-Screen-of-all-knowing says “Flight Closed” so I fuck about in the airport, wander through W

Playing WoW vs. Not playing WoW.

Richie plays WoW. I don't and never will. Why? you ask when every blogger goes on about it and Youtube and Googlevideo are jammed with WoW videos. Firstly, PC gaming. PCs are inherently broken except Macs but we all know about Mac users. More often than not the lastest, and allegedly greatest, games cannot be played on your 2 day old PC unless you turn graphics, mouse, power and sound off even then it grinds to playing at 2.5 fps before blue screen death. Secondly, RPGs in general are not hard. There is no skill involved other than menu juggling. All it takes is a lot of time. Put in x-hours reach x-level repeat. If you wrote down a list of your in game acheivements it would read like a really boring diary. Went here, got this, went here got this. levelled up, went here etc. I read somewhere on a forum that a WoWer was sick of "flinch" games such as FPS, driving games, beat em ups etc. taking the limelight in e-games and on the increasing number of Webchannels. Could you

Yeah, yeah...

Welcome to the cyber love child of Richie and Cunzy11's Brain, and while you ponder that disturbing image, I'll be working on the reason that this digital farce ever came into being.

Yokoso, Willkommen, Bienvenue

Due to the overwhelming success of our previous blogs we have decided to collaborate in order to bring you the latest reasons why Richie is a homo who is pretty bad at games. Enjoy