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Nobody does a Daily Mail like the Daily Mail

If you haven't heard or read it by now the Daily Mail has gone bonkers over the Launch Party for God of War II. Here it is . Using my skills obtained through my GCSE History I will now highlight how this article is mostly gibberish and how the Daily Mail needs to stop feeding Daily Mail readers with this shit and turning them into those women who get angry when they don't have the correct change for the bus and then they start shouting at the bus driver as if it's their fault when in fact it's probably a bit of mid-life crisis mixed in with Post Natal Depression. Well, if you will have children at 45........ It starts "Electronics giant Sony has sparked a major row over animal cruelty and the ethics of the computer industry by using a freshly slaughtered goat to promote a violent video game." Has it? Does this major row appear anywhere other than in the Daily Mail? No. Perhaps it would have been better if the goat was a freshly slaughtered, then frozen by bir

United in Gimps!

I have the pleasure of introducing our latest addition to the links section: Diversion Diversion is an internet radio station run by official thatguys DJ, Kaiser Tia. The station mainly plays Video game and anime tracks, and is ever so delightfully interspersed with the musings of the aforementioned Kaiser Tia. There is also a competition every week where if you guess the music/sound effect you win a fantabulous prize… The website itself has its own bloggy-ness and her latest post Gimps in videogames… has inspired us ay Thatguys to follow up and expand, so expect a Thatguys /Diversion collaboration to create the most extensive collection of gimps in videogames for you perusal pleasure.

More Fossil Pokemon!

You may have gathered that we are a bit gay for the pokemon and at the moment it's ALL SEVEN FEVER round here with Diamond and Pearl coming out soon (that should be "soon"). Aside from Nintendo raking in the cash by tapping into the weak part of our brains that actually looks forward to playing probably almost the exact same game for the fifth time there's two new fossil pokemon which hits me in that extra special, special place . Here they are: Bastiodon Ramparos Bastiodon has been modelled on Ceratopsian dinosaurs and Ramparos is clearly inspired by Pachycephalosaurus. * sigh * Why do I care so much? Just-have-to -wait-until-July.

Its a new Lap Record!

Thanks to those wonderful people (retailers) who get in imported titles, I am now the proud (well not-so proud, as perhaps more insanely embarassed) owner of pokemon pearl. Suck on that Nintendo! Your hate of Europe will not stop me from playing your game! In other news Kotaku posted this picture of someone in a bath full of wotsits, I found it hilarious (The picture that is, I have no idea what the article is in reference to. Enjoy:

Why everyone needs oblivion

I mean everyone. This and you can set fire to dogs. SET DOGS ON FIRE (see here !)

Something old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Hey kids you may have seen our new feature (right) the shout box. Feel free to use it but try not to impersonate me or Richie and leave derogatory comments. In other news LET'S ALL GO FUCKING MENTAL FOR THE END OF APRIL/MAY That's right kids. It's almost gaming like we used to know and love. The gaming gods are smiling upon us Something Old-4 th May: Something New-27 th of April: Something Borrowed-25 th May: Something Blue Nothing really. It falls apart a bit here.

Two Stone Nintendo

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Why god? Why?

Rise to the challenge of our Rivals

So in Cunzy’s previous post he laid down a challenge: "Richie is writing an epic Twisted Metal , Final Fantasy VIII kidz, Naruto, Speed Freaks, Star Wars Phantom Menace fanfic set in the World of Warcraft." Enjoy: Sweet tooth was driving in his usual dilapidated ice-cream van though Goldshire, when he noticed a bunch of kids fending off some Lvl 70 Horde Gankers. Now Sweet tooth being the nice psychotic freak that he is, decided he was going to help these kids as he didn’t like gankers, especially ones that pick on the poor little noobs, who don’t even give experience or count as an HK. Sweet tooth drove up to the lvl 70 Tauren druid, the Blood elf Priest and the Undead Warcock and promptly let of several volleys of machine gun fire and his “Special” (a flaming clown head missile). The gankers quickly realised that they couldn’t handle Sweet tooth as he was the equivalent of a lvl 72 Elite Boss, thinking that Sweet tooth must be some kind of World Boss with some Phat Epix, th


"News" from "this" week ] A nice report via boing boing about how most games are now old games. There have been an equal amount of PS3 and Wii consoles sold in space. Thatguy's a Maniac, the world's second best videogame blog of all time is nearly one year old! Check out under "events" to join in with the birthday bash. Hellbound Angels finally signing off. Or only one of them or something. Which I, er guess means that we won! New Gears of War clan TFU (The Fuckest Uppest ) are now top of the UK and US leaderboards . Well done boys and girls I knew we could do it. Nintendo announce another Gamecube remake exclusively for the Wii . Man I can't wait to play another game I've already played but with spacky controls. Everyone blogs about some shooting and videogames . Not us. We've taken the higher moral ground and gone for anime , anti- anime week. JOY FOR US! And that's how, for now. Catch you next w

Anime is?

My Partner (non-gay), colleague and long time Nemesis has made a good point in his last post: this is a Videogames blog and not an anime wank-off. Now I’ll admit that my original response the previous post was to collect several Naruto/Bleach/One Piece games and do some kind of video game review and to make it pertinent to the blog. But I stopped myself. Though I may find this war of anime post vs non-anime post incredibly hilarious, I started considering the so-called link between anime and video games… When it comes to anime and video game franchises there is a chicken-and-the-egg scenario, it seems that if a show has certain elements such as plot, special powers or catchy characters there will inevitably be game, and if a game has similar traits then there will be an anime (though not restricted to just anime). Though it should be noted that both can have their roots in a manga comic books, particularly in the case of the original Dragonball Z: Budokai game which stayed true

Mission-Get-The-Anime-Post-Off-The-Front-Page Part 4

My favourite anime show is Disney's Dinosaur . Although only one extended episode was ever made it still remains my favourite anime show ever! People often describe it as retarded and they slag it off in the anime forums saying that even the 41st episode of Naruto (the episode that everyone knows is at best non-canon, second series Pokemon good but nowhere near as good as 4th episode Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, Finnish dub)is twenty times better. But what do they know? Disney's dinosaur has some great animation and the storyline is compelling. Also no-one unexpectedly flies or discovers that they can blow things up using their Triante birth right. Anyway the only reason it is on this blog, which is a videogame blog, not some kind of anime wank palace is that there is a game based on Disney's Dinosaur coming out soon. Here is a screenie. How good does that look? It's a WoW beater anyday. I just hope that they don't ruin it by giving it

Mission: Keep-Anime-on-The-Front-Page-To-Piss-Off-Cunzy Part 75

New additions to the Media section! check them out! And to keep you going: A Fanfic picture of Ichigo and Orihime gazing lovingly at each other. Wnak...

Mission-Get-The-Anime-Post-Off-The-Front-Page Part 3

Going back to earlier what about the other "minorities" that want a place to meet similar people who play videogames with a forum. The ladies have many places and so do gaymers but what about: 1) Blue Lilies- A blog and forum for gamers who like to play with blue avatars. 2) Dead Lilies- A blog and forum for gamers who have been, will be or are dead. 3) Wilting Lilies- A blog and forum for gamers who have no bones in their bodies. 4) Blooming Lilies- A blog and forum for adolescent male gamers who get the blame most of the time for all the ills of the internet and forums and MMORPGs even though they may not be to blame. For every sexist comment I see a gazillion adolescentist comment. 5) Lily Livers- A blog and forum for gamers who are but disembodied organs/aggregates. 6) Dino Lillies- A blog and forum for gamers who want to see more dinosaurs in games! 7) Black Lilies- A blog and forum for gamers with leprosy or frostbite. 8) No. I'm done. I've

Mission: Keep-Anime-on-The-Front-Page-To-Piss-Off-Cunzy Part 69

To follow on form my recent post, here is a pointless yet harmlessly funny and generic picture from anime: As you can plainly see the picture shows Orihime, one of the good guys from Bleach, making a silly face with Ulquiorra, one of the latest antagonists, again from Bleach. I'm sure you can all see the delicious ironly of the picture. The background is pink because Cunzy is a homophobe.

Mission-Get-The-Anime-Post-Off-The-Front-Page Part 2

So after something that happened on not the world's second greatest videogames blog , this not the world's second greatest videogames blog was set up. It's called guilded lilies and it's for women gamers and men gamers who might want to talk to women gamers and it's all about women and games. There is a forum and everything but it has to be stopped . This list explains why: 1) Their logo looks like one of these (!). That's a full stop not some kind of mole 2) The last bunch of people who got together to start a forum for women gamers ended up doing this: They blew up the frickin deathstar by employing their man robots. Stop the rebels! Save the Empire, queue the music Buh, buh, buh, ber, be der de de der. Der der der der de-der de de-deh. DEH, duh, DEH, duh der-rud-der-dud der der der de-rud-der-dud der der dum der der...........

True confessions - Incoherent rants - Tyops - Part 3

You know people who do this “(!)” for sarcasm ? Well stoppit… I have decided that (!) should be the new vagina smiley! Imagine… Barry says: Dude, Heard you and Claire went out last Tuesday. Leon says: Yeah been a long time coming, and since Ada is out of the picture. Barry says: Oh yeah, who would have though that John would come back. Leon says: How are things with you and Jill, anything happening there. Barry says: LOL! Barry says: Dude, she’s screwed everyone… Wesker, Carlos, Chief, that guy that hides in the crate... Nemesis Barry says: So how far did you get with Claire? Leon says: … Leon says: (!) Barry says: Nice! Leon says: :D Or… Jill says: :’( Claire says: Wassup? Jill says: Well me and Nemesis were... “you know” last night, Jill says: Oh I can’t say, It’s to embarrassing. Claire says: Come on you can tell me anything. Jill says: well… Jill says: he said I umm smelled bad… Jill says: …down there Claire says: OMFG! Jill says: Yeah… I really hurt me, I had been

True confessions - Incoherent rants - Tyops - Part 2

As you may well know, the new transformers film is gonna have transforming iPods and transforming Xbox 360sWell… I saw this fucking excellent picture on Something Awful! Now my issue is what would this guy be called? Clitatron Vaginator Ultra Manless Orgasmatron (I believe this is the name of those weird-spidery-head-massaging-things, so maybe not) Stimulon Vibrator Dildonic Prime Or Hot rod? Apparently He will be able to be combine with Clit-suckerator, Butt-plug-a-tron, Lubinator and Maxiumus 240volt-plug-power-itor To create... Super Trigasmus Prime

True confessions - Incoherent rants - Tyops - Part 1

Right so pokemon Diamond and Pearl are due out in the US in a matter of Days… and us unfortunate uk-ians wont get the game till TBC in 2007. Gameplay have it pegged at June 1st, though I doubt any of us expect it then. So my question is a UK DS will play US games, is it worth importing to fulfil my pokemon desires faster? Will there be online problems if I do that?


Well, I don't know about you but the 25th of May is in my diary, as is every other day of the year but the exception is that I've written "Tomb Raider" for this day. That's right Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary edition is coming out and it looks sexy as. Go to Gamespot to see some of the images. Yeah I know it's the same game but just look at it. Ahh! Also this artwork is in their images section. NICE DINOSAUR GAME ART! In an unprecedented turn of events I'm doing an EDGE and reviewing the game right now based on one piece of artwork and the gamespot material. 10/10 GOLD. That's right buy it people. Buy it. That'll teach SONY to abandon the greatest console of all time.

Anime Update!

Yeah we have some links to anime and well Anime and video games usually come part and parcel with one and other. So as such I have decided to do a wee anime update as those crazy cartoons coming out of Japan are really something special at the moment. There are 4 major players on the anime scene at the moment there is: Bleach, Naruto Shipuuden, Death Note and to a lesser extent (due to fansub issues) One Piece. First up, Bleach. Bleach has had it’s up and downs over it’s lifetime It started off brilliant, then it seemed to introduce far too many characters then it slipped into the anime void known as filler. However since around January Bleach has returned to the storyline and it is better than ever, It can be forgiven for a few misdemeanours, typical anime rules have been applied, suddenly all characters can fly when fighting, and the actually had some characters use a “Limit Break” recently. Naruto: Shippuuden After 2 years of filler it finally happened Naruto did a

A little late for the prize giving no? Still...

... it is the taking part that counts. Following Richie's stream of posts in the last few weeks I thought I'd take the baton and do a post of my very own. Here it is. This weekend I was on the continent (what English people say when they go to 'Europe'. N.B. please don't refer to the English, Irish (or parts of), Welsh or Scots as 'British'. As far as I'm aware none of these countries wants to be associated with any of the others and the only time we might concede to being British is when England are knocked out of some sporting competition and we have to support one of the other British teams. Further N.B this only occurs when the English are knocked out. If Scotland, Wales or Ireland are knocked out of a competition they actively support whoever is opposing England). I won't worry you with the for whys but In one of the big electronics shops media markt I saw a site to behold- the videogames sections. Unlike GAME or HMV or Virgin or wherever, the