Anime Update!

Yeah we have some links to anime and well Anime and video games usually come part and parcel with one and other. So as such I have decided to do a wee anime update as those crazy cartoons coming out of Japan are really something special at the moment. There are 4 major players on the anime scene at the moment there is: Bleach, Naruto Shipuuden, Death Note and to a lesser extent (due to fansub issues) One Piece.

First up,


Bleach has had it’s up and downs over it’s lifetime It started off brilliant, then it seemed to introduce far too many characters then it slipped into the anime void known as filler. However since around January Bleach has returned to the storyline and it is better than ever, It can be forgiven for a few misdemeanours, typical anime rules have been applied, suddenly all characters can fly when fighting, and the actually had some characters use a “Limit Break” recently.

Naruto: Shippuuden

After 2 years of filler it finally happened Naruto did a 3 year jump, all the characters have returned in teenage glory, it is currently only 9 or 10 episodes in but it’s already a breath of fresh air to what had become a quite stagnant series due to the filler.

Death Note

Death note is an excellent series, I would consider it like 24 with a supernatural twist. Each episode has a really fun and entertaining twist. The premise of the series is that there is a Book (The Death note) which when a name is written in it the person will die, there are many rules surrounding the Death Note. The plot gets even more entertaining when the main character (user of the death note) and the main antagonist (main detective of the worlds police) start an ongoing battle of wits with one and other. Currently there are 25 episodes and there is only supposed to be around 40.

There is also 2 live action moves (available with fansubs) which slightly change the plot (as they have to be fit into 2x2 hour blocks) but have been done excellently with fantastic special effects.

One Piece.

A crew of Pirates with year long story arcs, there are over 300 episodes (and 7 movies) now, and the series very rarely becomes a drag to watch. There has been some trouble recently where the series has over taken the manga (comic) and as such they produces throw in a few flashback or catch up episodes. Consistently good fun, and highly entertaining characters (Do not watch the Americanised version it has been bastardised fir kids to remove blood, smoking guns etc.)

Well that’s it! Go check them out and enjoy!


  1. Someone is playing the mention Naruto to get more hits game. Frankly I find this post disgusting. Let look at the key elements here:

    Are there any dinosaurs mentioned in the post?

    Nope. SICK.

    0/10. See Me.


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