A little late for the prize giving no? Still...

... it is the taking part that counts. Following Richie's stream of posts in the last few weeks I thought I'd take the baton and do a post of my very own. Here it is.

This weekend I was on the continent (what English people say when they go to 'Europe'. N.B. please don't refer to the English, Irish (or parts of), Welsh or Scots as 'British'. As far as I'm aware none of these countries wants to be associated with any of the others and the only time we might concede to being British is when England are knocked out of some sporting competition and we have to support one of the other British teams. Further N.B this only occurs when the English are knocked out. If Scotland, Wales or Ireland are knocked out of a competition they actively support whoever is opposing England). I won't worry you with the for whys but In one of the big electronics shops media markt I saw a site to behold- the videogames sections.

Unlike GAME or HMV or Virgin or wherever, the DS Media Markt section had every single DS game ever released. All in one place. The PS2 section has almost every single PS2 game and so on. I nearly took a photo but I was on my knees crying tears of joy at a sight I only imagined in my wildest dreams or some kind of industrious photoshop. You want Dino Masters? Here it is, have it! You want Ico and Shadow of the Colossus? They're both right here.

It was truly a magnificent sight. You see here in Britain (sic.) the DS section will more often than not comprise of six copies of the latest release and then single copies of Barbie Pony Farm, Kittenz or Zoo Tycoon. You want a copy of Mario Kart DS? Sorry but that was out ages ago, it's all about Bionicle Wars this week or Agey Brain Schooling Train University and How Trained is Your Aged Brain? I went looking for some stuff that I really should already own but never got round to buying the other day, including such big guns as the original Advance Wars on the GBA, Eternal Darkness and any/all of the Rogue Squadrons for the GameCube and King Kong and God of War and Tomb Raider Legend for the PS2. After trawling through 4 GAMEs, two Gamestations, Virgin, HMV and three Indie shops I found two copies of Tomb Raider Legend and a second hand copy of God of War that had what looked like pureed Custard Cream on the front. I think I imagined the Gamecube as a console because I only saw copies of the Bongo DK game and infinite piles of Tiger Woods 200something. Is it wrong for me to think that it seems difficult to buy good games these days? I'll grant you I'm not the primary market for games companies. I rarely, if ever, buy a game on or near release, £50 or £40 is a fucking rip-off and in a few weeks it'll be cheaper or on sale. But maybe, just maybe this is the game. Now I'll have to buy games on or near release because they stay on the shelves for all of two months unless Bandai or Mattel or whoever are willing to bung GAME shops £40,0000,00 to keep their games in rotation for longer. Or of course I could just go online.

Anyway, next time you are 'on the continent' eat more pineapple because apparently it helps to relieve period pains.



  1. POKEMON RANGER!!!!! The first game ACTUALLY worth getting for the DS... In shops now! Tell you mum, your friends, your distant relatives, tell random strangers on the street. The DS lives! It now has a game!

    Congratu-flippin-lations Nintendo,It only took like a year to make the DS worthwhile.

  2. Anonymous01:04

    The chick on the front of Spellforce 2, pretty hot.


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