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Team: Richie

Team Richie Garchomp - Dragon/Ground - Earthquake - Dragon Claw - Fire Fang - Crunch EVs: 4 HP / 252 Att / 252 Speed Adamant Choice band/Metronome Dragonite - Dragon/Flying - Dragon Dance - Outrage - Thunder Punch - Fire Punch EVs: 4 HP / 252 Att / 252 Speed Adamant Lum Berry Salamence - Dragon/Flying - Draco Meteor - Flamethrower - Toxic - Roost EVs: 212 HP / 44 S.Att / 252 S.Def Sassy Leftovers Metagross - Steel/Psychic - Meteor Mash - Earthquake - Rest - Sleep talk EVs: 252 HP/ 100 Def / 158 S.Def Sassy Leftovers/Shell bell Gyrados - Water/Flying - Dragon Dance - Waterfall - Ice Fang - Stone Edge EVs: 4 HP / 252 Att / 252 Speed Adamant Life Orb Magmortar - Fire - Flamethrower - Thunderbolt - Confuse ray - Fire Blast EVs: 252 S.Att/ 252 S.Def/ 4 Speed Modest Choice Scarf/Specs Togekiss - Normal/Flying - Thunder wave - Air Slash - Aura sphere - Metronome EVs: 252 HP/ 4 S.Att/ 252 S.Def Calm Leftovers/Shell bell Flygon - Ground/Dragon - Earth

They should probably sue Sony

'Free lads' have been arrested for mimicking drive-bys using a 'PlayStation Gun'. The beeb knows the score . "The gun was found to be a silver plastic PlayStation gun. " Shoddy reporting from the beeb. Was it a G-con? A G-con 2? G-con 3? Or was it a MadCatz pile of shit? Either way the boys should sue Sony because there is fuck all you can do with a PlayStation light gun these days so what other option do kids have after purchasing expensive peripherals that are in no way supported by new platforms. In unrelated news: Here is a list of light gun games for the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 you cannot play on the PS3. Area 51 (Justifier) Crypt Killer (Justifier) Die Hard Trilogy (Justifier) Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas (Justifier/Guncon) Elemental Gearbolt (Justifier/GunCon) Extreme Ghostbusters: Ultimate Invasion (GunCon) Ghoul Panic (GunCon) Gunfighter: The Legend of Jesse James (GunCon) Judge Dredd (GunCon) Lethal Enforcers 1&2 (Justifier

Peripheral Vision

Is there any other title for a blog post or article even remotely (giggle) related to peripherals? Back in the day, my gamer friends and I would fantasize about displaying our collection of video game stuff in the unlikely event that any of us could afford more than a rabbit hutch house in the future. Amongst an ever changing set up to the inevitable gaming room the wall of peripherals was something we were particularly keen on. It would be a cross between a museum display case and a weapons cache that you see in spy movies showing off all the various peripherals that have been available over the years. Of course the recent industry in producing crap wiimote holders went and ruined the whole thing. However, if it was ever to happen BIG GAME HUNTER 2010 would totally be a justifiable purchase.



Let's do a "Guardian"

Social networking sites are great. Instead of getting information about useful things written by people who at least had some training in writing (English degrees anyway) we now get information in a huge uncontrollable torrent with the geniune interesting bits mixed in with all the shit. Finding genuine information is like finding a shoe or a filled condom in a sewage treatment plant. We're all for it and here we are contributing to that torrent right now with this very post but it seems that even bigger traditional media like TV and Newspapers, resigned to the fact that the idiot millions will break every news story ever in their own trite fashion before them, have flip-reversed it and now report what is happening in the world today by checking twitter and facebook. 4 year old stabbed to death in the street? Not sad or news worthy until there's a facebook tribute page . Amazing wonders of the natural world? Not until it hits the " major trending topics on twitter

TGAM top 50 ultimate TGAM top games best list of best games of all time ever: Number 41

We didn't forget. We were working on it all the time. Yeah that's right. Anyway, number 41 on our list of the TGAM top 50 ultimate TGAM top games best list of best games of all time ever, well, it is none other than Johnny-come-lately Resident Evil 5. Unlike all the other Resident Evil games on this list, this game is new. That is why it is so low on this list. What kind of elitist list making pricks would we be if we put a new game in the top 40? No kind. That is what we would be. Resident Evil 5 was a departure from the classic series. Staple enemies like white male skinny zombie, white woman skinny zombie, fat man zombie and spanish people was replaced with just black people in this iteration of the classic survival horror series. For the first couple of chapters anyway. Then it was gas mask people. The game received stacks of criticism and some flip reversed racism against Japanese people for it's perceived racism. Then the game came out and everyone kind of got

Definitive: Now no reason to buy a PS3

No reason now that backwards compatability is off the cards altogether. That is all.

Omastar comics #24

OCs fans may recognise this comic as Omastar Comics 11 but with a different last panel. This was the original ending to this comic but when we ran it past test audiences they reacted pretty negatively towards it even with the ace black sludge cameo. We agonised for hours over it but decided to cut it for the final release. This version accidentally slipped into our display at Comic Con last year and the feedback from the fans was overwhelmingly positive, which shows you should stick to your gut feeling. This is by far my favourite ending and as you can see with this original ending Omastar's comments in panel 2 now make more sense. In other gaming news: Left 4 Dead 2- Yeah but is it really any better than Resident Evil Outbreak file 2? Madden again- Which means that all the US gaming sites become boring and unintelligible for a month or two. Resident Evil 5- Still playing and loving it.


Once you green light using negative stereotypes to convey message there is no going back. TGAM strikes back against this ridiculous facade. Spot the difference!

If I told you to hum the Route 209 would you get it right?

Here at TGAM it is well documented that we are fans of the Pokémon series of games. Massive fans. Huge. There are literally not enough words in this sentence to even scratch the surface of the thousands of words , hundreds of articles , thoughts , webcomics, fan fiction, sillyness, nerd rages and forum comments that we've made in the past about Nintendo's Marmite monster catching game (actually there are. There are enough words. Too many if truth be told). But what we never explained is that for the last 13 years we've been playing the game that revolves around trading and fighting Pokémon with opponents in a total vacuum. We've spent days worth of hours training up Pokémon that have never been tested against a single real live opponent. So not only is the whole activity all a bit sad, geeky, weird, embarrassing in social situations, something we should have grown out of/never got into in the first place, not meant for us, a grind, a w

Next Step, the Wiibrator.

Ok so Again I'm shamelessly stealing from Kotaku. These are images from a patented Nintendo Peripheral which is an inflatable pillow, designed for "horse racing" games, oh yeah! You know what, fuck it, I'll leave this to your own imagination, you filthy, filthy people. Yours Equestrianly, Richie XXX

Wanker of the Week

falahda 10 Aug 09, 1:17am A thirty-eight year old Nintendo player can't really claim the high ground from which to criticize lightsaber phones, Charlton. From over on the Guardian website. It explains itself really. And she is an Anthropologist. And 37. And female. And American.

Namco Bandi might be the new Capcom.

I don't mean like Pac-Man or other scheisse like that I mean some of their recent additions to the 360 and maybe some of the Wii titles, though one of the greatest things about the Namco Bandai games is how pretty they are, So I wouldn't recommend playing them on the underpowered inbred cousin of the next gen consoles. I just had a look at some of the games I games I have, and I noticed that I have too many Namco Bandai titles and they are pretty much my favourites. Beautiful Katamari Yeah you all know it, the little green dude that collect things till they get bigger and bigger. As much as I'm put of by all the twats out there with their knitted Katamari hats to put on their cats, the game is still fun. Though A reskin would be nice. Soulcalibur IV Swords, boobs and Jedis... I think I have talked enough about this previously. Naruto: Rise of a Ninja & Naruto: Broken Bonds Meh, good games, great fighting, great animation, but most folks

New SI Unit approaching!

In the past humanity has got by with descriptions of the passing of time using the seconds, minutes, hours etc. units of time measurement. However, today TGAM is proud to launch a new unit for the measurement of time. It is the TTECNK . Which stands for Time it Takes the Escapist to Copy News from Kotaku. It is pronounced Time it Takes the Escapist to Copy News from Kotaku and is the standard measurement of time it takes writers at the Escapist to copy and paste news articles which Kotaku stole from around the web and to publish them. It is equivalent to 'about six hours' in the previous units used to measure time. Here's some tips on how to use the new unit in conversation: "I haven't seen you in three TTECNK s" "It was a short game it only took me a TTECNK " "She only lasted for 1/20th of a TTECNK before climaxing. And to think I'd waited 2920 TTECNK s for it" That is all.

Let's do more with the Wiimote

Okay kids. Wiimote has been around for quite a while and using it to waggle has been a staple use of it so far. Let's just say the pulse sensor thing hasn't exactly set us alight and wii motion plus is a bit of a rip off. ANy avid Wii gamer will now have a wii wheel, zapper, other attachments and wii speak. All of which work with one maybe two games. Either way by now every Wii owner has four wiimotes. Why don't games do some more creative things with them? You want free ideas here's some: 1) FPS and on-rail shooters. So we've had Red Steel, House of the Dead Overkill and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles. They were fun but why insist on pressing the d-pad to change weapon? Players should be able to map wiimotes 1-4 to different weapons. Want to change from pistol to shotgun? Just drop wiimote one and point wiimote 3 in a wii zapper at the screen. Voila! The shotgun pops up. It disappoints me that FPS on the Wii haven't done the popping up gun affect i

Horrid person

If you are here you have clicked on a horrible weblink. Whilst you are here, think about your mother and the thing you just clicked on. Would she be happy she raised you, her son/daughter, so you could click on some filthy filth filth. Of all the content on the internet, the greatest thoughts on the whole range of human activity and the best you can manage is looking up "Sonic Upskirt" or some such. Be ashamed. Be so ashamed or just go to deviant art.

Sacred 2: What the fucking fuck is wrong with you?

In my recent spat to play through as many Couch co-op games as I can get my hands on, I came across this little doosey: Never heard of it? Nah me neither. It seems to have gone completely under the radar. Hell I never heard of Sacred 1, but hey it was a PC only release, so why should we care?Anyways after scouring the internet for information regarding this title I found out a few things: it is essentially a Diablo clone, It has six "pre-rolled" classes And they are pretty funky actually: First we have the Seraphim, Some kinna Demi-gods with Pigtails and Kiss make up. Dryad: Cornrows and Areolaec Breats plate, She's apparently a long range fighter, using bows and blowguns, sexeh. High Elf: Ugh elves are everywhere, even in this game, scantily clad as he may be I guess she's kinna the glas cannon caster class. Inquisitor AKA Generic man in hood, looks caster-ish too. Undead Warrior dude with a twist of Roman about him which is nice consi

Little Big Planet and Spore revisited

So.... Spore. Guess we were right about that one then. Anyone still playing it? Anyone at all? No. Told you so. Little Big Planet. Team TGAM doesn't own a PS3 for a number of reasons, the one we most like to pretend is true is because we have standards. The real excuse is that the fucker is still too expensive and there still aren't anywhere near enough decent games to justify a purchase. Anyway, if we did have one I would probably get LBP because I like creating shit in games like gay little designs for Animal Crossing, Crap Levels in Timesplitters or Miis that look like Charles Darwin. We do have some friends (21 to be exact). And some of those friends own a PS3 (12) they aren't gamers in the classic sense. They are normal people with cars and houses and the like. They don't obsess over games or write 2 and a bit games blogs. Aside from dusty copies of Resistance they all own LBP and without exception: 1) Haven't even tried to make their own levels. So


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Noooooooooooooooooooooo