New SI Unit approaching!

In the past humanity has got by with descriptions of the passing of time using the seconds, minutes, hours etc. units of time measurement.

However, today TGAM is proud to launch a new unit for the measurement of time.

It is the TTECNK. Which stands for Time it Takes the Escapist to Copy News from Kotaku. It is pronounced Time it Takes the Escapist to Copy News from Kotaku and is the standard measurement of time it takes writers at the Escapist to copy and paste news articles which Kotaku stole from around the web and to publish them. It is equivalent to 'about six hours' in the previous units used to measure time.

Here's some tips on how to use the new unit in conversation:

"I haven't seen you in three TTECNKs"

"It was a short game it only took me a TTECNK"

"She only lasted for 1/20th of a TTECNK before climaxing. And to think I'd waited 2920 TTECNKs for it"

That is all.


  1. TGAM Exam Question 1...

    If TTECNK = TTKCNE + 6h then what does TTKCNE equal?

  2. That is a harder unit to define because T significantly decreases if N contains:

    A porn actress
    An ex porn actress
    Upskirt shots
    Breasts of any kind
    Anything about "Arcade Mania"


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