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Devil May Cry 4 – a game from 10 years ago

Devil may cry 4 is a game which features the constantly irresistible man-crush “Dante”. In this game you play initially Dante’s brother (Vergil) which has been reincarnated-ish as Nero, you traverse an island, kill bosses, and then you do the same, but in reverse with Dante. So… Devil may Cry 5 got released which made us Nostalgic back to the days when plastic instruments in videogames were all the rage. So we dusted off our old copy, nah… We downloaded the special edition version! and had a burn through. For those of you who don’t know the “Special Edition”, it has some extra “content” to include Vergil, additionally you get to play as Lady and Trish, they all have their own movesets, (if slightly reminiscent of Dante/Nero). As we are super “woke” here, and are all for equal opportunities we thought we would give the (big-tittied) ladies, Trish and Lady a go.   Lady doesn’t have a giant ghost Vergil Arm, she has a harpoon instead, and lady gets a b

The evolution of the Donkey Kong Opening 'Theme'

We love video game music here at TGAM and although there's been a rise in acceptance that listening to video game soundtracks or going to see concerts of the greatest hits isn't a weird thing to do, it's still an under appreciated part of video games. Nintendo have been knocking it out of the park recently with their sountracks, especially on collaborative projects. Pokken Tournament had a soundtrack far too good for it ( Haunted House ,  Neos City  and the phenomenal Magikarp Festival are favourites). Kirby games just keep remixing and reworking the seriously strong themes, Kirby's Epic Yarn 's Lava Landing is a particular highlight of recent titles. Fire Emblem's game is strong with the J-Pop earworms from Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE  through to Fire Emblem Warriors  ( This Precious World  stands out in particular blending Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem  Fates ' themes). The Splatoon series is deserving of a thesis or two on the storytelling thr

Pokémon Go: Back with a Vengance

  Oh boy, Many moons ago we covered Pokémon Go in our regular/not-so-regular bit: Are mobile phone games any good yet ? And our list of gripes beyond not being able to log in included: Does this actually have anything to do with the actual games (is it canon?) Whats the point, beyond collecting them with an annoying catch mechanic How do gyms work, why is no one explaining this? Two years on and even though there is still login problems (particularly trainer club accounts), the question of whether this will ever be compatible with the real games is still being asked, the game has improved! Not massively, it has not arisen like a mighty Ho-oh from the ashed of its former self, but neither has it eeked out like a wet quagsire queef. Niantic have bothered themselves to include a friend system, this allows you to connect with your IRL friends and rival each other, and even help each other out with trades. This only seems like a little thing but it has re-kindled a little b

In Love With The Nintendo Switch Capture Button

With the Nintendo Switch's Capture button it's never been easier to snap a screenshot or your favourite games as you play them. Something that Nintendo has never been great at up until now, beyond titles that offer their own screenie buttons or with a strange Miiverse faff on the Wii U. It's not the most straight forward to actually get the images off of the Switch but we've done it to share some of our favourite screenshots from all the Switch titles we've been playing recently.   ( Is this even a Switch screenshot?- Ed. )  Happy Screenshotting!