Pokémon Go: Back with a Vengance


Oh boy,

Many moons ago we covered Pokémon Go in our regular/not-so-regular bit: Are mobile phone games any good yet? And our list of gripes beyond not being able to log in included:
  • Does this actually have anything to do with the actual games (is it canon?)
  • Whats the point, beyond collecting them with an annoying catch mechanic
  • How do gyms work, why is no one explaining this?
Two years on and even though there is still login problems (particularly trainer club accounts), the question of whether this will ever be compatible with the real games is still being asked, the game has improved! Not massively, it has not arisen like a mighty Ho-oh from the ashed of its former self, but neither has it eeked out like a wet quagsire queef.

Niantic have bothered themselves to include a friend system, this allows you to connect with your IRL friends and rival each other, and even help each other out with trades. This only seems like a little thing but it has re-kindled a little bit of love for the game. You know like when charmanders tail was going out and was about to die, then charmander realised that he could add that guy from HR who he didn't realise played pokémon go, but did play pokémon go, so now they can both trade and whatsapp each other when they spot an alolan diglet in the wild.

You can dress up!  Everybody likes playing with dollys!

There is also gyms... gyms didn't make much sense in the past with "prestige", now gyms are um a little easier, but also easier to just steamroller... I'm not sure what is happening here but gyms are pretty much still a WIP.

Raids... Right so raids happen, this is when a good pokemon appears in a gym, you and your mates team up, take it down to give you an improved pokémon (good stats or even shiny). This genuinely makes the friend system valid again!

Um yeah, are mobile games any good yet? Does Pokémon go count as a game?

Love and squeeeeeek-thrwwwpt,

Richie X


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