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Married now though. Which has nothing to d o with the absence. I gave up games for three weeks voluntarily. Because I AM IN CONTROL. Did go here though: So. What didi I miss?

Devil May Cry: Reboot

Say hello to the new Dante... My CG-Man-crush is over in fact, Any flirtations with this "New Dante" would force me to sign some register. This is apparently a "Reboot" of the series, due for release on 360 and PS3. Though from the pics over at the Capcom Urinary , I am unconvinced, this looks like A prequel, prequel, set before DMC3 I don't see "the island, the setting of DMC1 .  The other option is that this is actually Nero instead, but nobody wants to think about that. Well I'm excited there is a new DMC in town, but ambivalent as to the approach.  Ambivalent Love and Hugs, Richie X