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Resident Evil Infinite Darkness on Netflix Review

What If Resident Evil had a really long and boring cutscene you couldn't skip that was divided up into four episodes? Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is a Netflix 'Original Anime' Series which has just landed on ermmm Netflix. Is CG technically anime? Anyway, the series which nobody asked for and, having now watched it, I can confirm absolutely nobody needed surprised us. We like Resident Evil. We have a soft spot for Leon and Claire. Maybe, this could be good? SPOILERS ahoy so if you insist on suffering through it first, time to leave us now and come back.  This isn't our first rodeo with disappointing CG resident evil fare and although Netflix lists this as "Season 1" the 20 minute or so 4 episodes could just has easily have been a feature length film a la disappointing Resident Evil Degeneration, Resident Evil Damnation and Resident evil Vendetta. Each of those films left us asking why, anybody made them and to say they're formulaic is an understatement