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I've got a confession to make.

I like my Vita. Millions don't, hell even Sony Don't. But I have has a shit-ton of fun with it. It's hard to justify Investment in a system that wont be supported, but there is a lot of greatness on that system (if you like 100 hour long RPGS). Straight off the bat you have: Tales of Hearts Hyperdimension Neptunia  and its may sequels and spin-offs Akiba sTrip But Most importantly I am revisiting FFX-2 HD Remake, yeah that's right, not FFX, but FFX-2. Yeah that's right the one with the dresspheres! For the FFX remake, all Squeenix did was pretty it up a bit. But for FFX-2 they added new Dresspheres! They added a whole new Monster Arena thing, which I have spent far to many hours thoroughly enjoying. The whole thing is wrapped up in a touch of catharsisism for me the first time I played through FFX-2 I fucking loved it, I mean it's hella girly, however,,, I never hot 100% to unlock the final dressphere (Mascot), I fucking missed it by


Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for Nintendo 3DS The red squirrel is dying. Nothing can be done. It's cancer. Cancer. A woman loves a horse. But only because he lives in a castle. Not because of the size of his cock. A hippo studies cephalopods in space. He's close to a breakthrough. Sometimes an otter watches me when I sleep in other people's beds. He never says anything At the school, the animals watch each other go the toilet. They don't find it very interesting. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer . GAME OF THE YEAR 2015.