Devil May Cry 4 – a game from 10 years ago

Devil may cry 4 is a game which features the constantly irresistible man-crush “Dante”. In this game you play initially Dante’s brother (Vergil) which has been reincarnated-ish as Nero, you traverse an island, kill bosses, and then you do the same, but in reverse with Dante.

So… Devil may Cry 5 got released which made us Nostalgic back to the days when plastic instruments in videogames were all the rage.

So we dusted off our old copy, nah… We downloaded the special edition version! and had a burn through. For those of you who don’t know the “Special Edition”, it has some extra “content” to include Vergil, additionally you get to play as Lady and Trish, they all have their own movesets, (if slightly reminiscent of Dante/Nero).

As we are super “woke” here, and are all for equal opportunities we thought we would give the (big-tittied) ladies, Trish and Lady a go.

Lady doesn’t have a giant ghost Vergil Arm, she has a harpoon instead, and lady gets a blended selection of Dante’s moves.

And well, as much as the special edition is great, it all of this seems to be an afterthought. The CG cutscenes are simply removed and you follow exactly the same path, puzzles and even enemies as Dante/Nero.

So in short, we played through, had an adequate amount of fun. Definitely charged up for DMC5

Addendum, Thatguys and Dante Devil may cry have always had a “complicated” relationship

DMC4 had always been a source of inspiration for us creating one of our highest traffic pages ever: Devil May Cry 4. Best. Cosplay. Ever.

We did a half-hearted follow up to it, mostly because we hate Kotaku*
Devil May Cry 4 Bestest. Cosplay. Ever.

*Example 1: that link is a holotypical example of our distain for Kotaku, please don’t click it, it will rot a little bit of your brain.

And we actually did a genuine interview with the guy wo did the photos for the nudey cosplay photos:

Love and Happy Dante-Mas to one and all,
Richie X

P.S. That Ninja Theory DMC doesn’t count.


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