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As the air to a bird....

As the air to a bird or the sea to a fish, so is contempt to the contemptible.

Addendum, so is love to the lovable. And I FUCKING LOVE the new Devil May Cry and It's Super Sexy Style!

I'm sure is you are even half interested you already have googled/youtubed the hell out of this one, and quite rightly so! So I shan't rant on about Nero Exceed or V's fluid combat. What was a little surprise to me was the setting being London! the Game opens up on Tower bridge with Nico doing some jumps and stuff in her Mystery Machine. But later on what really hit home was V's opening section which is the streets around Burrow Borough amazingly recreated in game!

I mean I cannot wait for more Surprises like this!

Love and just fucking play it!
Richie X

That Devil May Cry 5 Cast In Full

It's no secret, we're huge fans of the Devil May Cry series and it feels like Devil May Cry 5 has somewhat snuck up on us as it's out in a number of weeks! Of course Dante will always be our #1 boi but it's great to see an expanding cast of increasingly androgenous characters. Thanks to a super legitimate leak from a guy we know whose Dad works at Nintendo, we've got early access to the full character list.

The OG gangsta. Fast quipping, pizza loving son of a Demon. He's like the teenage mutant ninja turtles all rolled into one. But edgier.

For those of you who need more weab in their edgelords.

I mean, sure.
Nero originally divided fans but is now a firm favourite thanks to the good combo.

Well. The Capcom cleavage won't bring itself will it? We can never take Trish seriously because in the UK it's a popular name for Dinner Ladies.

V is  non-binary trans and like, HATES his mother.

Metal Dante
Metal Dante is harder to launch tha…

Resident Evil 2: Malocclusion

Breaking News: Capcom confirm Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5 are set in the same universe, Claire and Nico share the same genetic trait of increased vertical overlapping of the mandibular anterior (lower front) teeth by the maxillary anterior (upper front) teeth, usually measured perpendicular to the occlusal plane.

In other breaking news: World's Second Greatest Video Game Blog- That Guy's A Maniac have found that two games from video game developer and publisher Capcom contain characters with a prominent overbite, but struggle to find some kind of joke to tie the two together. have reportedly brainstormed ideas such as "What would these two look like in The Simpsons" and attempting to work around the phrase "biting off more than you can chew". have apparently opted for a relatively unfunny shared universe link, with a medical/technical explanation of what an overbite is. Keep up the good work guys.

Additionally: An obscure…

Devil May Cry 4 – a game from 10 years ago


On that Dante...

Another goading response from Team Ninja.

Put simply there is a divide, and it can be sweepingly categorised into a generation/age. Devil may cry series has spanned over 10 years, and at each end of that spectrum it has picked up a selection of generational players, and frankly the younger/alternative kids (you know the ones that use terms like speed thrash metal) specifically liked it for the broody, angsty, gothy design. But some people liked the DMC series for its gaming style with a fun tacked demon stuff.

Dante was iconic, as a character he appealed to a large audience. This new Dante is just a little too alternative to appeal to the spectrum he once appealed to, this video is the glacé cherry on top of the spiralled turd that was the "no-white-hair" announcement.

Love and Ah fuck it, its not Dante,

Richie X

2012 & the lack of quality

Okay, so we all take review scores with a pinch of salt M'kay? That said it interesting seeing how the world of games with it's bagillions of entries looks when you par each game down to a grade or number and compare them to each other, or platform to platform or year to year. MCV (who definitely did not have a bad year last year) reports on Metacritics analysis of last year and the results chime with how we felt about last year's games. 
They were just a bit pants and this is the games that were making the headlines and everyone was talking about. For our personal tastes we hardly picked up any of these titles. Ass Creed still hasn't fixed the flaws that put us off the first and second one and Far Cry seems to be picking up GOTY nominations here there and everywhere by default. Like everyone else Dishonored was good but eerily instantly forgettable.
Last year our gaming palettes were gorged with Xenoblade Chronicles (technically a 2011 release for EU), Pokemon Black…

Quick Question...

“Hey Richie, you know how you were bigging up Devil may cry 4, and even managed to get it early? How come you only have 3 Cheevements and are only at mission 8?”

Good question.

And to be honest it’s a culmination of many things:

Firstly my X-box was constantly Dirty Disking the game, I was getting 15 mins of playtime, and was reduced to saving after each red orb. This has now been rectified as I have upgraded to an X-box elite.

Secondly Katamari has been a big hit, don’t get me wrong I still <3 Dante, but that Katamari rolling game is stupidly fun to play as each level is timed, most of them being around 2 mins. As such I got 450 cheevements from some “casual” gaming.

And lastly*… and the main point of my post. I think I approached Devil may cry from completely the wrong angle, I found myself desperately struggling to work out the most efficient achievement based route through the game, trying to make my first playthrough as fruitful as possible… Gamerscore-whore. I’m far from an epic …

Front Magazine's Steve Beech: An Interview

Hey all,

After getting really excited about Front Magazine's great work on the Devil May Cry Images, we decided to get some input from the great minds behind these genius works of art!

So we spoke with Front magazine's Art Director: Steve Beech

Where did the idea for replacing Dante and Nero with a female model come from?
Well, we were approached by the lovely people at Capcom after they saw a similar project we did for Call of Duty 4 and they just asked so nicely we couldn’t say no.

Are you a fan of the Devil May Cry series?
To be honest I am not a big gamer (although a lot of the staff here are) even though I have worked on a few gaming titles in the past, but I generally like the whole look of the game as I love Manga films and thought that I could get that energy across with the lovely Vikki Blows.

What do you think of Devil May Cry 4?
I think it looks like a really slick game, and the graphics and artwork kick ass.

Are you an Xbox 360 man or a PS3 man?
I play the 360 in the offic…

Devil May Cry 4: Bestest. Cosplay. Ever.

Wewt!! more Devil may cry 4 images, apparently the model is called Vikki Blows (Classy). The entire staff at Thatguys wish to cordially invite you to take our hand in marriage.

We take it back Kotaku... you provided us with this image, you aren't all bad. Except for the silly fish on the bewbs, what's going on there?

Luv n Hugs

Richie X

Devil May Cry 4: Best. Cosplay. Ever.

Seth over at the Capcom blog has found some real gems! Front Magazine has done some rather original photo shoots involving the DMC characters but with (semi-naked) girls instead!

The magazine will be published on 1st March with all the pics, including some nudey ones!!! will be all over this, expect some NSFW post in the near future.

Kudos Front, Kudos...


Richie X

On the 1st day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us…

Today on this 1st day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us: Doing things in the wrong order.

Much like the order of these posts, is it a countdown? Like the twelve days of Xmas… is it and advent calendar? Who knows.

But yeah doing things in the wrong order. All of the missions in Devil May cry can be played completely out of order… I don’t know how many of you out there have actually done this, but I always forget what order the missions occur in and find that I just try my best choose the missions with bosses.

This is the last in the series of the Days of Dante-mas. Next Devil May Cry you hear from us will be a review or rantings.

Check out all the posts here.

Anyways, I’m cutting this post short as I have better things to do… i.e. play DMC4, I got it early… One of the perks of being in the games industry. YAAAS


Richie X

On the 2nd day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us…

Richie: Today on this 2nd day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us: NOT THIS FUCKING IMAGE!!!

Cunzy: It's wrong. Just wrong.

Richie: Someone clearly wasn't paying attention to Devil May Cry 3.

Cunzy: Someone clearly never played Devil May Cry 3.

Richie: Shit man, maybe this is the super secret ending on hard.

Cunzy: You're right. Sorry, SPOILERS everyone.

Richie: Why would someone do this?

Cunzy: Imagine getting up in the morning with the intent of creating that image.

Richie: I love Deviant Art though. It's like a mind reading website.

Cunzy: I'm all like, you know what I haven't seen but would like to see? Two half demon brothers from that game series I played about to get it on.

Richie: I want them to be looking into each others eyes longingly.

Cunzy: BINGO! Deviant art delivers every time.

Richie: Art galleries would be filled with shit like this if it wasn't for any kind of quality control.

Cunzy: Thank the lord for those art QC guys.

Richie: I bet Belial …

On the 3rd day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us…

Today on this 3rd day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us: Bosses!

One of the most appealing parts of the game is the boss characters. Huge and amazingly detailed enemies with the usual patterns to interpret and counter.

In the DMC series most of the boss characters take the form of huge mythical beasts such as Cerberus, Beowulf (a Behemoth of some sort, not Ray Winstone) or a Griffon. Though I have always found that humanoid bosses are always the scariest. Neo Angelo, Vergil, Lady etc.

For those of you who downloaded the demo, you have seen that you can play against one of the boss characters, a big horsey fire demon with a big sword. And the fight is so fucking pretty, I'm glad to see that the bosses haven't changed that much.


Richie X

On the 4th day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us…

Today on this 4th day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us: Cameos

This has been touched upon in another post from Cunzy.

Dante has appeared in:

Viewtiful Joe:

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne:

He also, showed up in Capcom Fighting Jam, and has a card in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighter.

But the biggest kick to the crotch is… and get this… he was supposed to turn up in Soul Calibur 3!!! Well fingers crossed for Soul Calibur IV… Can you imagine it Darth Vader Vs Dante… I would pay good money to see ol’ silver hair kick the crap out of faggy Annie Skywalker and his pod-racing, virgin-birth, Portman-loving ways.


Richie X

On the 5th day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us…

Today on this 5th day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us: Shooting guns in mid-air and thus defying gravity.

Fucking brilliant hovering whilst firing off "Ebony and Ivory" so, so cool.


Richie X

On the 6th day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us…

Today on this 6th day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us: Vergil

Vergil is an odd one… Dante’s twin brother. He’s one of the main antagonists of Devil May Cry 3, he also gets to be a playable character in the special edition. But crazily enough this dude is also a sub-boss in the first Devil May Cry. This doesn’t sit that well with me: Vergil Starts off in DMC with a Katana then gets ubered-out and starts using a big-ass two handed sword… I suppose it shouldn’t vex me that much, Dante does use a guitar…


Richie X

On the 7th day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us…

Today on this 7th day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us: Nevan

Nevan? Nevan is the name of one of the weapons you can get in Devil May Cry 3. And it’s a guitar, and honest to god guitar! The guitar changes into a scythe, it has lightning and shoots fucking bats… I mean seriously that is fucking amazing…

Nuff said.


Richie X

On the 8th day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us…

Today on this 8th day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us: DMC2 -.-

Hmmm, the game isn’t that bad in fact the “game” is good but all of the trimmings were just wrong.

Reasons this game was bad:
1. Lucia disk. Exactly the same as Dante’s playthrough no variety no… substance. Certainly no RE2 Claire and Leon situation.
2. Sponsored by Diesel. Nice idea, worst costumes.
3. Dante was not cool. He said nothing and was just “Emo may Cry” all the way through it.
4. Harder modes were not harder. Just longer. It took ages to kill enemies as they all had Devil Triggers too.
5. Camera angles. The DMC camera system is almost as identifiable as Dante nowadays but it was a little flawed in DMC2 as Dante could get further and further away until he was a tiny spec on the screen. Flawed.

But very few of these things actually took away from the game, all of the required, power-ups, level-ups and slashy-shooty great fighty-ness was in there.

Game if they had sorted out the above points – 9/10

On the 9th day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us…

Today on this 9th day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us: Laydeez

In each of the devil may cry titles there has always been a key female character, more often than not jonesing for Dante…

We have seen, Trish, Lucia and Lady ( See above for DMC4 Trish and Lady!) in the past games.

In DMC4 there is certainly a new female…

Fingers X-ed it’s a female… otherwise I might have been a but self-ghey :S


On the 10th day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us…

Today on this 10th day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us: Heroes or Villains with premature greying.

I dunno what it is that causes antagonists and protagonists to go grey so early in their lives, I suppose in Dante’s case you can blame it on his demon heritage, and well Vergil (his brother) and Nero both have this silver hair. And of course we have all seen Sephiroth and his long flowing locks of silver hair.

So… Where does this come from it clearly is something of Japanese origin perhaps based on Japanese history along side those Giant enemy Crabs?

Let’s look at what could possible cause this:

1. What is the scientific reason for people to go grey?

The change in hair colour is caused by the gradual decrease of pigmentation that occurs when melanin ceases to be produced in the hair root and new hairs grow in without pigment. The stem cells at the base of hair follicles are responsible for producing melanocytes, the cells that produce and store pigment in hair and skin. The death of the…