On the 3rd day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us…

Today on this 3rd day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us: Bosses!

One of the most appealing parts of the game is the boss characters. Huge and amazingly detailed enemies with the usual patterns to interpret and counter.

In the DMC series most of the boss characters take the form of huge mythical beasts such as Cerberus, Beowulf (a Behemoth of some sort, not Ray Winstone) or a Griffon. Though I have always found that humanoid bosses are always the scariest. Neo Angelo, Vergil, Lady etc.

For those of you who downloaded the demo, you have seen that you can play against one of the boss characters, a big horsey fire demon with a big sword. And the fight is so fucking pretty, I'm glad to see that the bosses haven't changed that much.


Richie X


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