Racoon City Times

On our trails through the blogosphere we stumbled upon this site: Racoon City Times. Of course straight away we were amused to see another Resident evil themed blog. Immediately, of course, we at TGAM chuckled at the glaringly obvious typo of "Raccoon" but with only one "C". As no strangers to tyops ourselves, we decided to overlook this and check out the content. As we are a games blog we shall review this blog in a games review style.

When you first start Racoon City Times there are a few things that strike you: The site is black, blatantly a rip-off of the old TGAM layout, even down to the font. The Silent hill Banner gets you confused as to what message this blogger is sending is it a resident evil site, is it a Silent hill site. And finally if you are going to use an obscure off-topic banner, at least try to make it fit the rest of your blog.

The Racoon City Times name conjures up images of a news report site from with in Resident evil, perhaps even a themed blog for resident evil news.

Hell maybe even a fanfic style blog from one of the reporters in Raccoon City (You must be Ben. Right? Get up!). But after the first couple of posts you are starting to see a trend which goes against all of your preconceptions, and not in a good way, you find yourself glancing over all the articles in the hope of getting the Resident Evil flavour that the title of this blog suggests. But to no avail... As you scroll further and further down you will realise there are no Resident Evil posts, you then scan over to the Labels, you see:
Obscure, Silent hill, Project Zero... And no Resident Evil.

Graphics: 1/10
Content: 1/10
Layout: 0/10

Overall score for Racoon City times: 1/10 (Abysmal)


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