George Romero vs. Capcom. The company line

Kotaku reports here and here that The MKR Group, who hold the rights to George Romero films, is suing Capcom for similarities between Dead Rising and Dawn of The Dead. This is a sad day indeed, hopefully Capcom will come up trumps but I have my doubts and so do all our buddies at Capcom HQ who as we speak are burning all their production notes, we managed to photocopy some of them before they were destroyed.

But fear not! Either way Capcom wins! If the law suit fails then hopefully Capcom will make infinity more Dead Risings set in malls. If the law suit is a success then Capcom can successfully sue any bastard who makes a game or film that includes the following:

Bad voice acting and zombies
Zombies Elephants
Zombie Sharks
Zombie Crocodiles
Zombies in a Zoo
Zombies in a mansion
Zombies in a police station
Zombies in Arklay mountains
Zombies on a train
Zombies on an underground train
Zombies on a tram
Zombies on an island
Zombies in a military facility
Zombie dogs
Zombies that vomit harmful liquid
Fat zombies
Zombies that hide in cupboards and/or lockers
Zombies in a cosmetics lab
Paintings with puzzles
Zombies in a guardhouse
Zombies in the sewers
Zombies that make a clik-clak sound when they walk
FMV zombies
Zombies in an underground laboratory
Zombies on a train turntable
Zombies on a boat
Spanish zombies that secretely are not zombies
Zombies called Marvin
Zombies called Marvin that have a striking similarity to the actor Will Smith
Reporters in jail cells that break in half
Mayors in torture dungeons that break in half
Eyeballs in shoulders
Zombie leeches, worms, moths and crows
Lickers, Hunters etc.
Top of the range elite bioweapons created with their hearts on the outside of their bodies
Mutated plants
Scientists who inject themselves with their own virus and then stalk about trying to impregnate their own daughters
Bioweapons that say "S.T.A.R.S"
Zombie like mutated dinosaurs in space
Bioweapons on emergency evacuation trains that used to resemble a man type thing but then go on to resemble a diseased vagina*
Joe Kendo
Spinning bird kicks

Surely Hollywood would come to a standstill! Good luck MKR, try opening that can of worms and bring the zombie horror film genre to it's knees!

*Last time we mentioned vagina we got a into trouble with all the gamefem blogs. So before you type a complaint, play resident evil 2 on the B scenario get to the end of the game and SPOILERS fight the thing in the train and tell us it doesn't remotely resemble a diseased sideways smile. If you can't do that then 00:18 seconds here gives you some idea or watch this.


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