Front Magazine's Steve Beech: An Interview

Hey all,

After getting really excited about Front Magazine's great work on the Devil May Cry Images, we decided to get some input from the great minds behind these genius works of art!

So we spoke with Front magazine's Art Director: Steve Beech

Where did the idea for replacing Dante and Nero with a female model come from?
Well, we were approached by the lovely people at Capcom after they saw a similar project we did for Call of Duty 4 and they just asked so nicely we couldn’t say no.

Are you a fan of the Devil May Cry series?
To be honest I am not a big gamer (although a lot of the staff here are) even though I have worked on a few gaming titles in the past, but I generally like the whole look of the game as I love Manga films and thought that I could get that energy across with the lovely Vikki Blows.

What do you think of Devil May Cry 4?
I think it looks like a really slick game, and the graphics and artwork kick ass.

Are you an Xbox 360 man or a PS3 man?
I play the 360 in the office when we have clocked out after gawping at women all day. I rock at Guitar Hero and suck at Pro Evo.

What is the next big title you are looking forward to?
Space Harrier 2? LOL

Are there any other games that you would consider doing something similar too?
Something like Metal Gear Solid would look pretty ace I reckon.

Could I persuade you to do something similar for the ladies of the Resident Evil series?
Yeah, they are dead sexy.

Do you reckon, since games have much nicer graphics, we can expect to see more of these types of images?
Yeah I reckon, the higher quality of the graphics gives much more to play with when it comes to dropping the real life girl over the top without the two looking too separate.

Games have gotten a lot of bad press recently with rating violence, sex and nudity. What's your standpoint on the recent government involvement in the censorship of violent or sexual games?
I have no problem with the violent content in games, it’s just the same as films and music at the end of the day, kids will always get their hands on it. But more sex in games can’t be too bad can it?

Who would win in a fight, Vikki Blows or Dante?
Vikki, coz she gave me a look on the shoot after a bad joke that said more than any lethal blow could do.

Will we ever see the Vikki Blows images as downloadable content for the 360?
I’m sure, just keep looking on the Capcom site or FRONT’s MySpace ( Once the mag is off the shelf we will release the naughtier images as wallpapers.

Can I have Vikki's number? You know… for work purposes…
She communicates only by smoke signals, sorry.
There you have it...

Steve, you are a God, thankyou for putting those images into the world.

We at are forever indebted to you.

Buy it!!! March 1st!

Love n Hugs,

Richie X.


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    Seriously im buying it for no other reason than the burd on the front cover


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