Devil May Cry 4: Best. Cosplay. Ever.

Seth over at the Capcom blog has found some real gems! Front Magazine has done some rather original photo shoots involving the DMC characters but with (semi-naked) girls instead!

The magazine will be published on 1st March with all the pics, including some nudey ones!!! will be all over this, expect some NSFW post in the near future.

Kudos Front, Kudos...


Richie X


  1. Anonymous15:34

    I'd pump her till she had a nose bleed.

  2. Anonymous20:44

    Yeah that's really original. -_-

  3. nerds... got no life ...

  4. All you filthies looking for DMC pawn.

    By all means don't feel obliged to leave a comment to pretend you just "happened" across this page.

  5. Anonymous05:35

    Cunzy11, I really did just happen to cross this page. I was looking for Devil May Cry cosplayers on google and found this, lol.


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