On the 2nd day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us…

Richie: Today on this 2nd day of Dante-mas, Capcom gave to us: NOT THIS FUCKING IMAGE!!!

Cunzy: It's wrong. Just wrong.

Richie: Someone clearly wasn't paying attention to Devil May Cry 3.

Cunzy: Someone clearly never played Devil May Cry 3.

Richie: Shit man, maybe this is the super secret ending on hard.

Cunzy: You're right. Sorry, SPOILERS everyone.

Richie: Why would someone do this?

Cunzy: Imagine getting up in the morning with the intent of creating that image.

Richie: I love Deviant Art though. It's like a mind reading website.

Cunzy: I'm all like, you know what I haven't seen but would like to see? Two half demon brothers from that game series I played about to get it on.

Richie: I want them to be looking into each others eyes longingly.

Cunzy: BINGO! Deviant art delivers every time.

Richie: Art galleries would be filled with shit like this if it wasn't for any kind of quality control.

Cunzy: Thank the lord for those art QC guys.

Richie: I bet Belial has never played a Devil May Cry game.

Cunzy: I bet Belial had to try really hard to not put a heart above the "i" in her name instead of a dot or period as they say in America.

Richie: Are the ones above i's called periods too?

Cunzy: No one knows for sure.

Richie: There's probably a fan fiction to go with this image on fanfiction.net

Cunzy: Yeah, with those disclaimers at the top. "These characters are not created by me or anything to do with me"

Richie: "I've never played Devil May Cry but I love the chars"

Cunzy: As if Capcom browse fanfiction.net looking for copyright infringement.

Richie: Hey guys! Someone is using our characters without our permission!

Cunzy: Lets sue the fuckers!

Richie: The fanfiction is probably titled Dante's first day at a new school.

Cunzy: Yeah, he gets bullied and hates his parents.

Richie: Fortunately, though the popular boy Vergil takes Dante under his wing.

Cunzy: And up the shitter.

Richie: Then they both came in all three positions

Cunzy: "Part two will be posted any day soon" reads the thread dated March 2007.

Richie: I bet Belial is a man.

Cunzy: I bet Belial has the bottom half of this image but couldn't get the hands right so scrapped it.

Richie: I bet Belial thinks Linkin Park rocks.

Cunzy: I bet Belial wishes she had a sister.

Richie: Or a friend.

Cunzy: I'm going to blow this image up and paste it on billboards everywhere.

Richie: Games make young women gay!

Cunzy: But gay strictly in the man sense.

Richie: It's hard to stress that without some kind of qualifying statement.

Cunzy: I hate homosexual men trapped in the bodies of straight women.

Richie: It's a hard knock life.


Richie and Cunzy X X


  1. Anonymous10:17

    Implied incest FTW!!

    There should be a hate campaign against the artist. Lets label them a paedo and ruin their lives.

  2. Anonymous06:05

    ugh I personally hate Twincest >.>
    I lont count how many stupid fanfics are on there that would NEVER happen in a million years!


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