Resident Evil: Competition

Yay! A resident evil post. Been a while... This time annoyingly its a non-canon film related post.

This Monday marks the release of the third resident evil movie. In celebration of this, the UK website has a competition where you train up your Zombie in anticipation of "Alice" charging in and killing all the Zombies, the last one standing will win home theatre kits and copies of the movie on DVD and BluRay.

There are 2 things you can do to train your Zombie:
1. Feed - increases your strength.
2. Keep Fit - increases your agility.

Though one does counter the other, if you feed, your agility goes down, and if you keep fit, you Strength goes down, so in theory a balanced Zombie will have 50% Strength and 50% Agility.

I have no idea what the most beneficial stats would be.

in anycase Monday 9 am Alice gets let loose.

Good luck and Laters.

Richie xxx


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