2012 & the lack of quality

Okay, so we all take review scores with a pinch of salt M'kay? That said it interesting seeing how the world of games with it's bagillions of entries looks when you par each game down to a grade or number and compare them to each other, or platform to platform or year to year. MCV (who definitely did not have a bad year last year) reports on Metacritics analysis of last year and the results chime with how we felt about last year's games. 

They were just a bit pants and this is the games that were making the headlines and everyone was talking about. For our personal tastes we hardly picked up any of these titles. Ass Creed still hasn't fixed the flaws that put us off the first and second one and Far Cry seems to be picking up GOTY nominations here there and everywhere by default. Like everyone else Dishonored was good but eerily instantly forgettable.

Last year our gaming palettes were gorged with Xenoblade Chronicles (technically a 2011 release for EU), Pokemon Black Version 2 is going to keep us going for a long long time but barely received reviews when it came out, the problem with long running series and we've only just started on the Last Story (v.good) and Pandora's Tower (7/10 judged from the opening titles only).

And on the horizon? Well for the first time in a long time I find myself not owning a current generation handheld or console now that the Wii has been virtually mothballed and TBHFMHoH there still isn't anything on Wii-U and 3DS that has made me start saving the pennies. Worryingly both Nintendo machines seem to have reset the exciting developments in gaming back to zero so we go from the brilliant, quirky and odd Operation Rainfall titles and Beat the Beat on the Wii back to the usual suspects on Wii-U. Meanwhile on the other HD consoles stuck in a rut couldn't be more apt. All that potential power is wasted on graphics providing a glossy sheen to broken or sub par games. 

But enough. You had one of our New Year's resolutions this week. Here's our second, we're giving up fighting the gaming community and industry in our own little way by complaining about the community being idiotic shit munchers (and happy about it too) or the industry being run like a chimpanzee tea party pastiche of a proper industry and we're going to join the shit heads because we couldn't beat them. There will be less probably be less of this kind of stuff; whinging about games retail and whinging about what some asswipes on the internet don't seem to get it and more about the latest boob jiggling physics and our favourite kind of reticule in shooting games where you play through the eyes of a 30 something man and shoot things in the face with guns.


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