Why I'll always be A PC Gamer...

...because every time I sit down at a keyboard my fingers default to WASD.

And because some of my best memories and games have been on the PC, from the heady sprite driven days of DOS games; pointy-clickies like Discworld or the ancestral king of FPS's Doom.


Through to the graphic driven monsters that plague benchmarking sites.

My gaming memories start with the humble Commodore 64 in the 8-bit era and Amiga 1200 in the 16/32 bit era. Yes I flirted the consoles of that time, NES, Mastersystem, Super Nintendo and Mega Drive, but weirdly I remember playing Street Fighter II on the C64:

But my first PC was an ex-office PC that ran windows 3.1 akin to the specs below:

But as time went on I learned more about PCs I upgraded my 33MHz CPU, to 166MHz. My GFX card got a much needed boost, and as time went on upgrading just became a thing that had to happen, not necessarily just to play a game, but to keep a PC ahead-of-the-curve for a few more years.

The advent of 32/64-bit era changed a few things the Playstation and N64 dominated the market creating a slew of games in THREE FUCKING DEE! that's right, in the confines of your living room TV you could play platformers and puzzle games using the legendary third dimension. "3D" games on the PC had been around but due to hardware costs were not available to everyone. And before this turns into a history lesson: through to current gen there has been an evolutionary arms race between Console and PC where the quality of graphics and processing power was reflected in the games.

There was always a place for PCs and Console gaming in my heart. The PS2 took much of my time as a gamer, yet at the same time I was enjoying Warcraft III or The Sims 2 on my humble PC. On some occasions deciding to buy which cross platform version would cause chaos. However it boiled down to multiplayer games being in the living room under the TV, or in the case of pure single player games it would usually comedown to the controls...
...Games I feel are better on joypads, stay on the console, but the PC has some real gems which really require the mouse/keyboard combination.
Oh yeah, and kinna on a side note, the achievement system on the 360 definitely lured me away, why play a game on the PC if you can play it on the 360 and get cheevos for it?

There has been some real gems on the PC over the years and I would quite happily revisit them:

* Sims, Spore and many of the Will Wright phenomenons.
* A very honourable mention to all Blizzard games Starcrafts, Warcrafts and Diablo games (especially 3).
* Bit of a left-field one from gog.com Ghost Master.
* Molenauyeaeuyioaeux's Black and White 2.

Love and please insert disk 3,

Richie X


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