That resolution is a maniac.

New years Resolution are like video games, [insert witty analogy here. Perhaps watch that "The Thick of it" DVD box set your snooty guardian reading friend got you for Xmas for inspiration]. And as such we have some resolutions this year.

Number one, do more posts. And dear reader(s) this is not just for you, you conceited twat(s), don't be so selfish. This is for us too. We need to spit some venom and bile about how games are not as good as they were X years ago, otherwise it builds up and the only way to vent is by punching random handicapped children on the street.

Number two, We do solemnly vow to refuse to accept browser gaming, any review of such will only be ironic or sarcastic. We almost did a review in 2012 of Family guy online which is a browser-based- microtransaction-fueled-wow-clone, (remember when games were just defined as, Shoot-em-up, RPG, Beat-em-up, Platformer...) But thankfully we got our act together and did our usual; opened blogger and cried into the keyboard as we contemplated the Games Industry and its ongoing spousal abuse from media marketing.

Number three, use the word "Fuck" more. I mean we use it a lot but in 2013 we hope to bring you such wonders as a post of nothing but "Fuck" repeated, reused and inventively incorporated, caused entirely by our sudden brief outrage to some publisher/developer/spokesperson/game in 2013

Thanks to all of you(s) that have shown your support to TGAM through 2012 better or worse we are sticking around like a malignant tumor.

Love and Hug(s),

Richie X


  1. war becomes welcome when we win the war in the game


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