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Project X Zone

Warning! more 3DS content below!

Whilst Cunzy1_1 witters away his hours on the non-game, Tomodachi Life, forever hoping that the next patch update will allow same-sex marriage. I took a punt on Project X Zone!

It's on sale in the Nintendo shop right now! And honestly it's fantastic.

The only reason I had not purchased it by now was the Demo. The Demo was shit. It showcased some of the art styles, bit did not introduce the player to the concept of the game. I got the impression it was a shallow but pretty button mashy title. Totally not!

The game is mental! It has a really loose story about why Characters from so may different IPs are there, something about tears in reality, but you just dont care, it's fun as it is to just have Streetfighter characters in a RPG setting but when they are interacting with the likes of Virtua Fighter and Tekken characters, It's just so fun!

The game has a pseudo-strategy element, it does not punish you badly for mistakes though. You have …


Cock teases.

So the gist of that expo was:

There will be a PS4.It will have a controller.The Vita will be a hi-tech WiiU controller.There will be games. Very little on the hardware, except that it can render an old man with eyebrow twitches. The share button is for uploading game videos/screenshots.  What does the damned box that sits under your TV  look like?!? Will it be another kitchen utility a la the lean mean, fat reducing machine?
Love and Diablo 3 as well,
Richie X

2012 & the lack of quality

Okay, so we all take review scores with a pinch of salt M'kay? That said it interesting seeing how the world of games with it's bagillions of entries looks when you par each game down to a grade or number and compare them to each other, or platform to platform or year to year. MCV (who definitely did not have a bad year last year) reports on Metacritics analysis of last year and the results chime with how we felt about last year's games. 
They were just a bit pants and this is the games that were making the headlines and everyone was talking about. For our personal tastes we hardly picked up any of these titles. Ass Creed still hasn't fixed the flaws that put us off the first and second one and Far Cry seems to be picking up GOTY nominations here there and everywhere by default. Like everyone else Dishonored was good but eerily instantly forgettable.
Last year our gaming palettes were gorged with Xenoblade Chronicles (technically a 2011 release for EU), Pokemon Black…

Sacred 2: What the fucking fuck is wrong with you?

In my recent spat to play through as many Couch co-op games as I can get my hands on, I came across this little doosey:

Never heard of it? Nah me neither. It seems to have gone completely under the radar. Hell I never heard of Sacred 1, but hey it was a PC only release, so why should we care?Anyways after scouring the internet for information regarding this title I found out a few things: it is essentially a Diablo clone, It has six "pre-rolled" classes And they are pretty funky actually:

First we have the Seraphim, Some kinna Demi-gods with Pigtails and Kiss make up.

Dryad: Cornrows and Areolaec Breats plate, She's apparently a long range fighter, using bows and blowguns, sexeh.

High Elf: Ugh elves are everywhere, even in this game, scantily clad as he may be I guess she's kinna the glas cannon caster class.

Inquisitor AKA Generic man in hood, looks caster-ish too.

Undead Warrior dude with a twist of Roman about him which is nice considering he's probably gene…

BLizzard Announces Diablo 3


Another Blizzard game to suck all my life/time/friends away!!!