Project X Zone

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Whilst Cunzy1_1 witters away his hours on the non-game, Tomodachi Life, forever hoping that the next patch update will allow same-sex marriage. I took a punt on Project X Zone!

It's on sale in the Nintendo shop right now! And honestly it's fantastic.

The only reason I had not purchased it by now was the Demo. The Demo was shit. It showcased some of the art styles, bit did not introduce the player to the concept of the game. I got the impression it was a shallow but pretty button mashy title. Totally not!

The game is mental! It has a really loose story about why Characters from so may different IPs are there, something about tears in reality, but you just dont care, it's fun as it is to just have Streetfighter characters in a RPG setting but when they are interacting with the likes of Virtua Fighter and Tekken characters, It's just so fun!

The game has a pseudo-strategy element, it does not punish you badly for mistakes though. You have to position all your cool little 16-bit animated sprite versions of your characters in position, ideally near another character, but also near enough to the enemy you are attacking. Then you attack the enemy, the screen changes to a 2D fighter like style where you have corresponding keys to create Combos. It can get so wonderfully over the top with super-special moves, crazy cameos and General Cross-over fan service.

Love and here is Morrigans's boobs from in-game,

Richie X


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