Pages from the Diary of... Part 1

The brick path was laid out before me. The sky hung above me, empty save for one cloud, the air was charged with tension; an electric blue.  Behind me the proud outline of a hill, distant and calm. I ran forward. I ran with determination, as I ran past some bushes I noticed a strange floating square, golden and flashing with an inscription. But before I could investigate further, a creature came ambling towards me, as big as a man, round and with a terrifying stare. Instinctively I leapt into the air, soaring as high as I could, then came crashing down onto the creatures head, flattening it. My foe dispatched, I decided to investigate the floating golden block, but yet there appeared to be more squares. Throwing myself into the air again, I raised my fist and punched the block. The block went dead, turning into a dulled brown, however as a I landed I realised, through whatever trickery, I now had a coin! 

Venturing forth with my new found power, I slammed into the next golden block. but this time no coin... Instead the block seemed to produce a mushroom; yellow an red, exiting the block in an almost phallic display. Already phased by this, I panicked, the Mushroom started eerily sliding. It slid along the blocks. I didn't know why, but I chased it, I felt this mushroom had to be something good. It slid off the edge of the blocks, I attempted to grab it in mid air. Missed. Heart-racing I skidded as I landed, the mushroom had hit the green pipe and changed direction. I ran desperately, I know I had to make that mushroom mine, I was catching up to it.

The world changed, everything felt smaller, I felt every muscle in my body expand, I surged with power.


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