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“Hey Richie, you know how you were bigging up Devil may cry 4, and even managed to get it early? How come you only have 3 Cheevements and are only at mission 8?”

Good question.

And to be honest it’s a culmination of many things:

Firstly my X-box was constantly Dirty Disking the game, I was getting 15 mins of playtime, and was reduced to saving after each red orb. This has now been rectified as I have upgraded to an X-box elite.

Secondly Katamari has been a big hit, don’t get me wrong I still <3 Dante, but that Katamari rolling game is stupidly fun to play as each level is timed, most of them being around 2 mins. As such I got 450 cheevements from some “casual” gaming.

And lastly*… and the main point of my post. I think I approached Devil may cry from completely the wrong angle, I found myself desperately struggling to work out the most efficient achievement based route through the game, trying to make my first playthrough as fruitful as possible… Gamerscore-whore. I’m far from an epic gamerscore partly because I haven’t really been bothered, I have been playing the games for playing’s sake. E.g. I cant be arsed going through Easy/Medium modes on Guitar hero if I can do the hard/expert modes (FYI Activision, you should sort that out, if you complete a career on Hard you should totally get the easy/medium cheevos!). Also I have only bought a few games, i.e. ones I want to play, I’m not sure I can condone playing King Kong just to get the 1000 gamerscore at the end. waste of time methinks. Anyways right now devil may cry is on hiatus, until I come to a point where I wanna play the game to play the game.
For fucks sake! Anyone else been afflicted with gamerscorewhoreitis?

*Oh yeah also I have a Lvl 70 troll hunter on EU Tarren Mill. My guild is actually now in the process of recruiting drop me a mail (richie[at]thatguys.co.uk) if you would like to join in…



  1. Anonymous12:01

    Dirty disking is a blight for sure.

  2. Anonymous11:34

    If you play games just to get the achievements, then you're not playing the games - the games are playing you.

    Devil May Cry 4, after having a week of being hyped to fuck by ThatGirl's is little more than a no-skill button basher in the same vein as streets of rage.

    Enter room. Button Bash & win. enter next room. repeat till completion.

    Still, since ThatGirl's aren't actually very good at video games, this suits them well I suppose.


  3. I agree. Games should not be all about high scores and achievements.
    boom boom


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