WAR Screenie competition

Yeah I made a post! But I hid it all the way back in time if you can believe it! This is the screenshot competition for my friends I lost to WAR. The competition was simple, submit some screenshots of WAR that include the usual MMORPG silly elements such as 'chicken', 'sheep', 'awful clipping' or dinosaurs.

You, know the shots the company would never use to promote the game itself. The competition lasts as long as I say it does. Currently we have three submissions, the artists names have been changed to hide their real identities.

1) 'Horned Squig' by Wowcansuckmyballs

The first submission and the most thoughtful it screams realism and I think the artist intended it as a criticism of the tuna and sweetcorn sandwich combination. 200 points.
2) "Still life" by I'msowhackyIputjaminmyshoes

This submission truly captures the lonely nature of MMORPGs 24.5 points


And you still wonder why people lose their family, friends and life to MMORPGs 10000, 000 points. The clear winner so far*
*Hint adding dinosaurs or dinosaur like creatures increases your score by a lot.


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