We* know** someone*** famous****

What with being listed as an "industry link" over on RAMRAIDER and now knowing** the top Geometry Wars Galaxy player in the world surely this is the year of the maniac. And look!, Games Media Awards people, no ads so perhaps we should win the Best Commercial Non-Commercial Commercial Website Or Blog this year yeah? Yeah? Then we can finally give up our jobs packing battery chickens and write posts about Resident Evil full time!

So without further ado, congratulations to DR Hamhock MD who by now must have been signed by Nintendo and is currently developing a Dr Hamhock limited edition Wiimote holder and/or DS stylus for mass release. Well done, you made it son*****, you made it.

* By we I mean me. Cunzy1 1. Richie left the blog about two years ago and since then I've been dressing up as her and doing posts about dildonics and naruto. That was until Claire interrupted me when I had the Richie wig on and was posing in the mirror talking in a Scottish accent. I went 'special' for a bit then but I'm okay now.

** By know, I mean straight (not gay) flirt with in the comments section on UK:Resistance every now and then. I also mean, have been meaning to add as a link (to the right) for three months but have to wait until I have six months off work to wait for blogger to republish the whole blog. That was heterosexual flirting by the way.

*** Presumably it is someone but we don't know for sure. It could just be a bot or spider******

**** Really depends on your definition of famous I guess. Some people might argue that gamers on the top of leaderboards aren't famous, some might argue that gamers the top of a nintendo leaderboard aren't famous because to-date only seven Wii owners realise that their Wii can go online. But then most people are stupid and poor.

***** I wish I hadn't used "son". It's a bit American, pretentious and condescending. With hindsight I should have used "King of the World" or just "the good Doctor". Oh well it's done now. No way of taking it back.

****** Technical terms for software developed by the FBI in collaboration with the American government that create websites to make real bloggers feel useful and important when they get a new comment or link from another "blogger". According to
Boingboing there are only five real bloggers on the internet.


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