"News" from "this" week
A nice report via boing boing about how most games are now old games.

There have been an equal amount of PS3 and Wii consoles sold in space.

Thatguy's a Maniac, the world's second best videogame blog of all time is nearly one year old! Check out under "events" to join in with the birthday bash.

Hellbound Angels finally signing off. Or only one of them or something. Which I, er guess means that we won!

New Gears of War clan TFU (The Fuckest Uppest) are now top of the UK and US leaderboards. Well done boys and girls I knew we could do it.

Nintendo announce another Gamecube remake exclusively for the Wii. Man I can't wait to play another game I've already played but with spacky controls.

Everyone blogs about some shooting and videogames. Not us. We've taken the higher moral ground and gone for anime, anti-anime week. JOY FOR US!

And that's how, for now. Catch you next week and boy do we have a good show, exclusive interview with TFU's leader, a comprehensive walkthrough for Second Life including secrets! and exclusive video from the latest Disney's Dinosaur game and Richie is writing an epic Twisted Metal , Final Fantasy VIII kidz, Naruto, Speed Freaks, Star Wars Phantom Menace fanfic set in the World of Warcraft. Take care now kids and remember if you are going to shoot up your classmates save enough bullets for yourself! Ta-ra


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