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Resident Evil 2: Malocclusion

Breaking News:  Capcom confirm Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5  are set in the same universe, Claire and Nico share the same genetic trait of increased vertical overlapping of the mandibular anterior (lower front) teeth by the maxillary anterior (upper front) teeth, usually measured perpendicular to the occlusal plane. Nicoletta Goldstein from Devil May Cry 5 Claire Redfield from Resident Evil 2 (2019) In other breaking news:  World's Second Greatest Video Game Blog - That Guy's A Maniac have found that two games from video game developer and publisher Capcom contain characters with a prominent overbite, but struggle to find some kind of joke to tie the two together. have reportedly brainstormed ideas such as "What would these two look like in The Simpsons" and attempting to work around the phrase "biting off more than you can chew". have apparently opted for a relatively unfunny shared universe link, with a medi

Xbox One: The facts.

The facts are, you read them elsewhere. Discounting the WiiU, our next next gen shall arrive this year. PS4 and Xbox One, The powerhouses of console hardware have entered the foray with media hub like set top boxes, with internetTV, social media integration, communications, and happen to also play games too. Don't get me wrong, the stats are amazing they will be delightful machines with future-proofed methods for maintaining the prettiness of games. However I think I am most saddened by the lack of back compatibility, I mean suddenly my 360 collection is now dedicated to the 360, and well we all know that the 360's are far from reliable. But what gets me is all those digital purchases, the arcade and digital download versions, they are simply now attached to my gamer tag, but will they be transferred over? It seems not, and the same goes for digital purchases on PSN (Heartbreaking if you just bought FFX/Kingdom Hearts). It just makes me think I would have been better payi

A new challenger has arrived!

So, Pokemon X and Y announced and we at thatguys have kleenex on standby. And this latest Valentines video shows us the newest evolution for Eevee! But no-one knows what type it is! In the Previous Generations it looks like this: Gen I Flareon: Fire Jolteon: Electric Vaporeon: Water Gen II Espeon: Psychic Umbreon: Dark Gen IV Leafeon: Grass Glaceon: Ice Which leaves Steel, Bug, Fighting, Poison, Ground, Flying, Rock, Ghost or Dragon. This Eevee evolution has been named Sylveon. Which rather annoyingly does not divulge the typing the prefix "Sylv" could refer to may things: Silver , indicating it is a steel type, however it does not look very steel-like. Sylvan, meaning foresty or arboreal, but we already have a grass type. Sylph,  which is a mythological air elemental, this could indicate a Flying or Ghost type, but nothing about it really screams either typing, except maybe a scarf that flaps in the wind. Or maybe a connection to Silph Co. the manufactur

Warning new term approaching: Kuntaku

As some of our more diligent readers are aware we don't like Kotaku very much. For those of you who are not so diligent and here because you were linked here, these are the reasons we don't like it: 1. The colour scheme. 2. The half truths and rumours. The dodgy reporting  and then reposting their own failed reporting  as some kind of flaw in ' games journalism' . 3. The dross you have to sift through... Nobody cares (and if you do, you really need to rethink your priorities) about the latest maximum risky doll from a 10 year old jRPG. 4. Day/night note. We thought we killed it off but it has come back. Remember kids, you should buy Arcade Mania. 5. I have never laughed with Kotaku, only at it. To say it is devoid of genuine grown up humour is being overly generous. 6. It's too American. Way too much attention on tits. There are even better parts on a woman (hint:around the armpit and pantsu regions work well) and almost no talk of the wang despite 25%

Penny Arcade WTF

Apologies if this is not new news to everyone, but I just saw the creators of of Penny arcade, i.e. Gabe and Tycho. This reminds me how horrible IRL can be in the games industry, nobody wants to see that. As such this will be my farewell salute to Penny Arcade. It was fun while it lasted*, but it is now time for us to part ways Original here *i.e. keep you open in one if the firefox tabs, and read you when the boss is not looking. Dismayed, Richie X.

"That" gaming site

Oh I see... That Gaming Site Yet another TGAM RIP-off... Should we be flattered?

T-Shirt of the Scarlet Crusade

So yeah, I have been officially playing WoW casually * for a while now, my most recent project has been levelling a Paladin (currently lvl 63) which I have really been enjoying in some slightly risqué ways, I have not been RPing her per say. However she does have the Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade , the whole Scarlet Chains Set , and I made sure I did all the Scarlet related quest lines in Eastern Plaguelands and Stratholme . Enough that I think we can all just agree I am a little bit gay for the Scarlet Crusade. Who are the Scarlet Crusade? I ain't gonna go into it, there are plenty of other websites that can go into the details, they are essentially a bunch of Zealots who beleive that the all the Undead in WoW should be eradicated, along with anyone who sides with them, or indeed anyone who doesn't side with the Crusade. But there is a whole load of meaty story to them, political intrigue, spies within the ranks and corrupt figureheads. So anyways, one

Exclusive Content

That guy's a maniac, the world's second greatest videogame blog , through reasons not well understood managed to score an interview with the legendary Hideo "Hideo, HIDEO" Kojima. The interview was GREAT SUCCESS! A number of nibbles and nice tea were on offer. Lots of questions were asked, most were answered. Richie wore a hat throughout the whole thing and didn't even realise. Score: The interview was perhaps the third best we ever done and made us proud to be part of the fourth estate for just a couple of hours. 7/10.

Perhaps the world's greatest gaming video ever

Yes, perhaps it is better than even Dead Fantasy I and II ! This is what gaming TV should be like. Kudos for anyone who can name everyone in this semi- who's who of British videogames before the credits roll.....

Dear Gamers on the internet #727

Boo hoo hoo. Boo hoo hoo. Waaaaaah waaah a boo hoo hooo. That's all we ever hear from you. Boo hoo hoo Blizzard hates my class. Waaaah waaah waaah Capcom won't respond to my letters. Boody hoo hoo "they" ruined Star Wars Galaxies. Yes it's pathetic but fortunately it's mostly from the PC gamers. Until now... Since the release of Mario Kart Wii a number of sources have complained about the return of the blue shell. Even EDGE which usually flounces above such gamer whining, whines about it ( Mario Kart Wii 6/10 ). Well you know what? The MBA s at That guy' s a maniac, the Second Greatest Video Game Blog of all time , have voted it the most bestest amazing pick up of all time. Read that last sentence again. Not just videogame pick ups. ALL pick ups. Be it pick up lines, picking up a prostitute or a pick up truck, the blue shell beats them all hands down. Here's what the Master blog artists had to say: "It is our generations great leveller. O

Omastar Comics #16

Back by popular demand. From the brink of selling his body to feed his children we bring out Omastar to perform for your viewing pleasure in these dark dark times. Oh that Omastar. What a gook. In other news: No gaming news. It's April for god's sake.


Listen. Learn.

Warning: new term approaching…

I’m coining it here, right now, mark this day, it’s “Blog Artist”. Now this doesn’t mean some dude that creates “art” (graphics) for a blog. It is the art of blogging. One who has blogging to a fine art. I considered shortening this to Blogists, or artiloggers however this cheapens the quality to which blog artists aspire too. The best way to define this new class of bloggers is to use analogy to rock pop culture: Rockers, can dress the part, listen to all the music, and quote trivia on their favourite bands. However to be considered an Artiste you mush have talent and create. May I introduce to you the first two Blog artists ever: Richie! Cunzy11 Luv n Hugs.

Web 3.60

You know what has been bothering me for a while? Aside from the gradual decline of our ecosystem and natural resources.... Why doesn't the 360 have a web browser? I mean its connected to the net, it has that controller addon-keyboardy-thing. surely just getting Internet Explorer (or even Opera god-forbid) on there, wouldn't be the craziest idea. 360 browser Pros: 1. Online sign ups for clans. 2. Youtube. 3. on your 360. 4. Email with background notifications. 5. Direct links in-game to Gamer sites for 360 content. 6. Achievement points. ( Achievement Unlocked : You looked at porn 10 Gamer Points) ( Achievement Unlocked : You looked at Nintendo's website 0 Gamer points) 7. Online Rankings without going in-game. 8. Settling IMDb arguments. 9. Xbox live bandwidth could be transferred to different sites/hosts. reducing the lag on XBLA. 10. Porn. Luv n' hugs. Richie xxx

Common Ground

Today marks an important day in the world of bloggers, Today TGAM and UK:R * have found a jpg which we could both Fap-off to, a common ground to spill our seed on. Resident Evil meets Sonic! *For those of you who dont know, UK:R is a lesser known video games blog, they are like us, but not quite as funny, and rather than being obsessed with Resident evil, they are obsessed with Sonic (ghey). Luv n Hugs, Richie XX

1 year.

Right well Today is now 1 year old, I know some may argue that we are actually older than that, but it has been 1 year since we got the domain name. And we had to do a lot to get it too! I had to bare-fist-fight through legions of the undead, and Cunzy… well lets just say he's never been able to sit down properly since then. Image from the formidable Way of the Rodent who's award ceremony we sadly missed :( . To be honest we are all amazed that we have lasted this long! and we are very curious to know who actually looks at us?!?! Although to be fair "lasting this long" really only requires that we keep updating the site. We would like to thank all of you that have supported Thatguys in the last year, we hope that you will continue to support us too! We had an amazing year, we won a BAFTA for our ritings and we raised over £250,000 for a non-existing charity. We slagged of a bunch of people we thought would be petty enough to come down here

TGAM: clichéd 2008 post

Right well its 2008, we have yet another year of gaming ahead of us and, despite the cliché, we are going to do a what-are-you-looking-forward-to-in-2008 post. 1. Devil May Cry. Plain and simple, we have been dying to see Dante back in action for ages, this time he’s all next-gen too. The game also apparently won “trailer of the year 2007” from Now in some weird happenstance TGAM are actually going to dispute this. As much as we lurve DMC we found the trailer had used the age old trick of using FMV rather than gameplay. There are a couple of snippets of gameplay (10 seconds), but most of us don’t care about monocle’d villains or how much more emo Nero is going to get. Most of us wanted to see the actually gameplay footage, I demand to see a 3 hit sword combo, with the last hit launching the enemy into the air, and then Dante shooting, holding the afore mentioned bad guy in the air. Though! Spanky new teleportation moves, some weird machine that appears as if from no

Blah, blah, blah

Discerning readers may have caught wind of the latest study confirming that there is a positive correlation between exposure to violent media and violent behaviour. The study was undertaken by L. Rowell Huesmann at the University of Michigan, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and published in the Journal of Adolescent Health. In an uncharacteristic manoeuvre we actually got hold of this journal paper, unlike most of these scummers , and had a read. And what you find in the report is not what is being bounced around the web, cut down into bite size chunks for morons like you and me to read, comment on and then ignore. The paper was good but didn't have any images. There is only one typo, which, although unfortunate isn't entirely unexpected. There we go, yet another example of high fidelity Gaming Journalism from the World's Second Greatest Video Game Blog of All Time, That Guy's A Maniac.

Silent Hill continues to rock!

Silent hill origins came out last week. But rather annoyingly only on the PSP. So we at that guys have scrambled around in our cupboard of freebies and dug out our PSP (still in its box), part of us was glad because there is actually a reason to use the PSP! So we break out Silent Hill origins and start that bad boy up! And it is amazing! It follows the story of Travis, a truck driver. Who is getting caught up in the events preceding the original Silent Hill. *Spoilers… Right up ye* If you have played the “previous” silent hill games, you know that Alessa is Dahlias Kid, and that Alessa was burned alive, well the story takes place from this moment onwards. Dahlia, Dr Kaufmann, Lisa are all in it, but younger. Alessa is kicking about there to. The Graphics are actually quite good, as with most PSP games (according to what I have heard) it’s a mix between PS1 and PS2 graphics, a sort of PS1.5 which is great because it is reminiscent of the original silent hill. Gameplay

Last Night

Last night TGAM had their first ever official online encounter with each other. Gears and Halo 3 were the games. At one point we teamed up and showed the rest of the online community exactly how you play. TGAM STYLE. The pictures tell the story. We're the Red Team, Team Blue is Team 'Sidekick' (Duffin and Chuff_72) and Team Green were the guys who tried hard but weren't very good (Mr Cyclopse and TLK ToRnaDo Jd) Yes within literal seconds we were shooting at each other. Then we were using vehicles.We were committed to eliminating each other. We managed to stop shooting each other but only when the opportunity to drive around like idiots presented itself. This screenshot here is the result. That's me that is. The other teams were dazzled with out L337 skills and fury. We easily won. The score was something like 54 kills to us. 3 for the other teams combined. We don't need to prove that we are the best any more thanks to everyone who tried