T-Shirt of the Scarlet Crusade

So yeah, I have been officially playing WoW casually* for a while now, my most recent project has been levelling a Paladin (currently lvl 63) which I have really been enjoying in some slightly risqué ways, I have not been RPing her per say. However she does have the Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade, the whole Scarlet Chains Set, and I made sure I did all the Scarlet related quest lines in Eastern Plaguelands and Stratholme. Enough that I think we can all just agree I am a little bit gay for the Scarlet Crusade.

Who are the Scarlet Crusade?

I ain't gonna go into it, there are plenty of other websites that can go into the details, they are essentially a bunch of Zealots who beleive that the all the Undead in WoW should be eradicated, along with anyone who sides with them, or indeed anyone who doesn't side with the Crusade.

But there is a whole load of meaty story to them, political intrigue, spies within the ranks and corrupt figureheads.

So anyways, one of my IRL friends who, along with myself and a few others founded the guild , celebrated her birthday this past weekend. And as such I decided to get her this:

Everything was made from scratch, including finding the damned font that WoW uses (BTW it's Friz Quadrata)

The graphic was extracted and edited, and the T-Shirt was printed using the T-shirt Studio.

[T-shirt of the Scarlet Crusade]:


*Casually my left testicle! this would be my 4th character, after my lvl 70 Mage, my lvl 70 Hunter, and my lvl 70 SPriest, In saying that to refuse to raid, I have touched on a wee bit of Karazan, but i generally cannot commit to 4-5 hours of mincing about with cyber-people. However, Good hard gank is a progression guild, despite me fapping about with Scarlets, the other members have progressed to Serpentshrine Cavern and have 6/6 Zul'Aman. Big up to them all :D

At your side M'Lady,

Link on Wow insider



  1. :/

    WoW insider didn't link us...

    Poor effort maybe they consider Thatguy's NSFW, or perhaps my talk of Raiding rang a little too true with them...


  2. Anonymous11:37

    Fantastic idea, and I'd be darn keen to get one. You've done a great job, and the box presentation is a great finishing touch.

  3. Anonymous00:38

    What a thoughtful gift. Very nice indeed. :)

  4. A great read, I am always designing tshirts on my mac and emailing them to a local shop to print. Thanks for the heads up on the Tshirt Studio.


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