TGAM top 50 ultimate TGAM top games best list of best games of all time ever: Number 50

So, as promised, here it is. No pussying around we're going straight in there without so much as a thought for preheating the oven. Readers have voted in their droves* So what is the first game in the TGAM top 50 ultimate TGAM top games best list of best games of all time ever? Which game did we feel deserved recognition but not too many playthroughs? Which game did we think was better than number 51 but not quite as good as number 49? Well kids, it''s Biohazard 4D-Executer.

That's right, we're going there. So superior is our list to all out competitors, the first one on the list of TGAM top 50 ultimate TGAM top games best list of best games of all time ever isn't even a fucking game. That's right we're going there. It's a film thing. The whole thing is on Youtube so make sure you watch it before complaining.
This ""game"" makes the list because we're sick of EDGE, IGN and Joystiq including fucking Myst and the sequels on top 100 lists. Seriously, I've sat through more interactive power point presentations for god's sake. Myst. Ha! It was wank. And then there were 100 sequels which no one ever played yet yearly some beardy who worked on it attends some videogame conference and everyone listens to them as if they are some kind of sage/mage. I cannot impress how much I hate Myst. In the grand old game of videogame top trumps, Myst would be the card that loses against ever single other card on all categories.
So Biohazard 4D executer is a film thing designed to be played in a cinema where bits of the seats would move and people would lick your ear at certain points for the "ultimate scare". I can't even be bothered to look but in all likelyhood it never made it out of Japan because Capcom like to roll like that. It has zombie things and guns and sewers and warehouses and zombie crows and mutating baddies that look like various prolapses so it's a winner in our book.
Tomorrow: That's right, we're gonna do number 49. See if we don't**

* Artistic use of readers and/or have voted.
** Quite likely actually.


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