2 years old!

Yes can you believe it! That guy's a maniac is now two years old*!

*mentally, in maturity, socially and verbally.

Here are some Pics from our 2 year party:Chris was on Security

The Cosplayers didn't communicate before turning up

Gratuitous Pic of the new Resident evil 5 Chick

Nemesis and Brad were caught "together" in the back alley.

Alexia brought her own date :(

A few Spaniards tried to gatecrash

Leon was late for his own party...

Here's to another year of barely legible posts and highly inappropriate fanfictions to minor resident evil characters.


Luv n' Hugs,

Richie n Cunzy


  1. Anonymous10:11

    Well done fellas!

    - Data Byte Duce

  2. Anonymous11:00


    Sir Basil Brush

  3. Congratulations. "That Guy's" is officially a toddler. According to an official child development website, by two you should be/have/take...:

    - become aware of self
    - identify self as an individual
    - recognize familiar people
    - show fear to strangers
    - experience and show shame
    - recognize and explore faces
    - are sensitive and "catch" feelings from adults
    - develop a sense of trust in the world
    - begin to mimic adult behavior
    - unlimited energy
    - independence
    - motor explorer
    - speech labeling
    - a short attention span
    - sensory motivated
    - solitary play
    - eats small meals
    - fussy appetite
    - starting using a cup
    - eats finger foods independently
    - plus beginning use of spoon
    - taking off simple clothing
    - naps
    - Points to a few body parts when asked.
    - Follows simple commands and understands simple questions ("Roll the ball," "Kiss the baby," "Where's your shoe?").
    - Listens to simple stories, songs, and rhymes.
    - Points to pictures in a book when named.
    - Says more words every month.
    - Uses some 1-2 word questions ("Where kitty?" "Go bye-bye?" "What's that?").
    - Puts two words together ("more cookie," "no juice," "mommy book").
    - Uses many different consonant sounds of the beginning of words

  4. Going through the list I think we can honestly say that "That Guys" is retarded for it's age. I mean, using a cup and spoon? At the same time? Come on! And what is simple clothing? I hope shoes doesn't count because I always forget which way the velcro should go.

  5. - Points to pictures in a book when named.



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