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2 years old!

Yes can you believe it! That guy's a maniac is now two years old*! *mentally, in maturity, socially and verbally. Here are some Pics from our 2 year party: Chris was on Security The Cosplayers didn't communicate before turning up Gratuitous Pic of the new Resident evil 5 Chick Nemesis and Brad were caught "together" in the back alley. Alexia brought her own date :( A few Spaniards tried to gatecrash Leon was late for his own party... Here's to another year of barely legible posts and highly inappropriate fanfictions to minor resident evil characters. LONG LIVE TGAM!!!! Luv n' Hugs, Richie n Cunzy

Randy McSporran

OK do you remember we used to do a regular feature called That Guy's A Maniac? No? Because we only did three in a year and a half. Anyway, it's the return of That Guy's A Maniac and this years maniac is Randy McSporran. Randy McSporran used to be both our housemates and was a cool guy but now he's getting married and stuff in Estonia, so his wedding is essentially a funeral for the man we used to know. He's all about commitment and changing himself now. I'm kinda worried about it because I still owe him £200, but I always remind him when I see him, so it doesn't count. He also pronounces else as "elts" and is the only person I know who was once on the True Man List but then he did something which meant he was taken off the True Man List and could never get back on. No one can remember what he did though but it was during University so it was probably something like he wouldn't go to the shop at 3 in the morning to buy munchies. Anyway he is a

Manhunt 2: The Real Scoop. Update 2.

Ah well, doesnt matter what BBFC, Ther daily Mail or JT say... Sony spokesperson said: “It's currently our policy not to allow the playback of AO-rated content on our systems.” A Nintendo rep said: “As stated on, Nintendo does not allow any AO-rated content on its systems.” From Gizmodo