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That Guys a Maniac The game 3: Origins

Hi guys, We would like to introduce Episode 3 of That guys the game! Origins. The first of our iconic Septilogy, TGAM The Game 3: Origins takes us back to the humble beginings of, how the winds of fate brought our intrepid heroes together! Currently hosted on here: In TGAMTGE3:O you will meet our in game alter egos Richie and Cunzy:  Richie   Cunzy You get to follow us through our plight, through a variety of locations, most of them pubs, laugh at our own jokes, and reference blog posts no one has read, and if they did it was about 10 years ago. Basically its a linear visual novel with a couple of surprises in it. Enjoy, or dont. But let me say this now, gamification of a gaming blog is 100% our meta idea and we'll sue the pants off Kotaku any other gaming when they get round to it. Love and Anime girls will rule the world, Richie X

In addendum:

One thing we would like to add to this post : Is that while getting my ass handed to me by all those legendaries, I was able to experience the other side of the pokemon games. Namely what it felt like to be an NPC. All these over powered super speedy pokemon, and here was me with a fucking stunfisk. I felt the pain of those stupid fucking team rocket grunts, making their grandiose claims of world domination with a fucking level 9 Zubat. These comics know what I mean: VGCats Super Effective 63 VGCats Super Effective 64 Dorkly, the fate of all NPC Trainers Fuck 'em, now those NPC's will feel my wrath with a furious vengeance! Love and almost a Pulp Fiction quote, Richie X

Where do we go, from here...

I still feel sad after I heard news of this: The Loading bar . We have, for years, contemplated the possibility of our own little gaming themed pub, though admittedly it was supposed to roll off the success of Which, if we were to take our market research from, we would have Sheeva Nude, and Gay Dante themed bar. However where does this stop? Gaming culture has come leaps and bounds since our blog started a little over six years ago (SIX!) there is a definite acceptance and hip-mainstreamism (akin to geek-chic) of gaming. It has taken much longer than I expected for a theme bar to be created, at least in the UK. The Mana-Bar in Australia aka Yahtzee Croshaw's bar has been open for ages now. But why only bars, we have nightclubs for music, cinemas for Movies, we used to have arcades for games (Ha!). We occasionally have E3 and other over hyped corporate events. But these are yearly, and as much fun as it is to get confirmation that Game X has been confirmed at t

Sister Site?

Well this is weird... While sifting through the usual internet dross we found this site: That Girl's site It seems this site is newer than ours, so she is blatantly ripping us off... And to top things off she has some friend called "Punzie"... Punzie??!?! I know what you are all thinking, "That is a little too close to Cunzy". True story though. Watch it Thatgirls! we've got our eyes on you Luv n' hugs Richie

2 years old!

Yes can you believe it! That guy's a maniac is now two years old*! *mentally, in maturity, socially and verbally. Here are some Pics from our 2 year party: Chris was on Security The Cosplayers didn't communicate before turning up Gratuitous Pic of the new Resident evil 5 Chick Nemesis and Brad were caught "together" in the back alley. Alexia brought her own date :( A few Spaniards tried to gatecrash Leon was late for his own party... Here's to another year of barely legible posts and highly inappropriate fanfictions to minor resident evil characters. LONG LIVE TGAM!!!! Luv n' Hugs, Richie n Cunzy

Silent Hill 5 Wishlist

There now follows a joint entry from Richie and from Diversion Projects, Kaiser Tia , regarding a favourite gaming franchise... As you may or may not know the Silent Hill series is getting a fifth instalment. Hurrah! However, this chapter in the series will NOT be developed by Konami Japan's Team Silent . Instead It will be developed in the US by The Collective, inc., the company responsible for such gaming classics as The Da Vinci Code and Star Wars: Episode III (ugh). Konami made a similar decision when they outsourced the PSP's Silent Hill Origins to Climax US , who did such a bad job that the game's developent that most of the game's mechanics were scrapped and production handed over to Climax UK, who were deemed more capable of delivering a 'Silent Hill experience'. Now we don't claim to be a Japanimaniacs or USAphobes, but we have all seen what happens to good Japanese things when they get Westernised. Subtlety generally goes out of the window

That Guy's a Maniac: October '07

This Months maniac is nothing other than a girl… as if it wasn’t crazy enough that girls actually play video games ... But check this shit: Observe how she is holding the Joypad, upside down?!? And… get this… she was playing well. I’m sure we have all at some point tried to mess around with how we hold the joypad. For instance, thinking if we have two fingers pressing the Triangle, Square, circle and Ecks button, rather than one thumb, we might be able to perform better. But no matter what, our fingers will reset to the default position where the index finger hovers over R1, the middle finger hovers over R2 and the thumb sits over the right analogue stick. When/If I die I know for a fact my hands will automatically assume the PS2 position, if its an open casket, people will be able to slot a joypad in perfectly, I invite you all to attend and try it out. Laters, Richie-O

Doomed to fade into mediocrity

The 20 Best "That Guys" of All Time. Not one mention of Cunzy, not one mention of Richie, not one mention of that guy that bit me... though he was a maniac.

Resident Evil 4-D Executer

Morning sports fans. If any of you remember hearing about that 3D scary resident evil ride, well the video for it is on Youtube. In Spanish. It's worth a watch for any Resident Evil fans out there. Here they are: Part 1 , Part 2 and Part 3 It's quite good so do check it out! Enjoy

Clever Girl...

At the risk of becoming the dinosaurs in videogames blog there's more news on Next Gen dinosaurs. How can you the readers treat the World's Second Best Videogame blog like this? Essentially you should head over to good old gamespot (you could go to IGN but it's a waste of time) here and watch the video for the 360 version of Turok. It looks spanky, but it is essentially a concept trailer. Tee last shot of the trailer is awesome. I'll be honest I was never a fan of the turok series. The N64 was always shit for FPS. Turok 2 was a good laugh. You could play as a dinosaur! But look at it: It's classic next-gen, see here for a more in depth guide to making things next gen. Lots of bump and some anti aliasing- check , make it realistic, add more brown- check , make it dark- check , add some bloom- check. I'm saving up my pennies right now so I can buy a 360 just for this game which is due out Q3 2007 in the US so probably sometime July 2009 in Europe. It

Explorer Reporting

Webcomics. There are a gazillion out there, done by horrible Indie types who probably live in San Francisco, they probably have cats and they probably are responsible for the AIDS . They are mostly about love, excuses to draw boobies or to show off to the world how much stuff the "artist" knows. Amongst the plethora of webcomics there are a tiny fraction about our favourite subject- Videogames. 98% of them however, are either sprite comics comme ca or ones titled " Two Noobs and a Gaymer " or "Just Another Gaming Comic". I've scoured all of these and they are without doubt awful and as the World's Second Best Videogame Blog it's time to play key service to those truly outstanding ones, or the ones that everyone thinks are outstanding. Then we will crown our Queen, the World's Best Videogame Webcomic. NB although our Queen sounds better because we are Second Best and she is the best, this isn't actually the case because webcomics a

Who else?

Hey gang, since 2006 we've had, literally, infinite emails from some of our traditionally stalwart readers asking "Why should we stick with you phags? Your site sucks?". We hired a consultancy team to have a look but then we remembered that we didn't actually do that at all. We then tried to examine this question ourselves but we ended up laughing too much. We were pretty funny back in the old days. So I, Cunzy1 1, took it upon myself to use the internet to find out why you, the reader, should stick with us (all 6 of you). I googled "ask jeeves" (which is now just 'ask'. The Jeeves bit was probably judged to be homophobic). I then asked Jeeves "What other videogame blogs are there?". This , dearest friends, is what you could be reading instead* Result 1 (and 2) Fucking IGN. Nobody reads IGN, their sole purpose is to come first and second in any search with the word game in it. We didn't even click on these because both links were