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At the risk of becoming the dinosaurs in videogames blog there's more news on Next Gen dinosaurs. How can you the readers treat the World's Second Best Videogame blog like this? Essentially you should head over to good old gamespot (you could go to IGN but it's a waste of time) here and watch the video for the 360 version of Turok.

It looks spanky, but it is essentially a concept trailer. Tee last shot of the trailer is awesome. I'll be honest I was never a fan of the turok series. The N64 was always shit for FPS. Turok 2 was a good laugh. You could play as a dinosaur!

But look at it:
It's classic next-gen, see here for a more in depth guide to making things next gen. Lots of bump and some anti aliasing- check, make it realistic, add more brown-check, make it dark- check, add some bloom-check.
I'm saving up my pennies right now so I can buy a 360 just for this game which is due out Q3 2007 in the US so probably sometime July 2009 in Europe.
It looks like they were listening to me when I said add dinosaurs into games.


  1. I remember comments, some of them used to be between themselves. But still i miss those comments...

  2. Anonymous18:54

    Yes but it's ANOTHER sequel. Can't they think of something new? How about a game where some maniac scientist has teleported a load of dinosaurs forward from the past into the PRESENT DAY, and you have to control them RTS style in their conquest of the planet? Or where you play a commando military unit made up of S.M.A.R.T. dinosours which you control Rainbow Six style to take out hostile encampments. Or a cyberpunk syndicate-style version of the same thing. Or a Pterosaur dogfighting game. Or Counter Strike:Saurus. Or dino ninja ronin.

  3. Anonymous14:13

    OH SIIIICCCKKKKKKK someone on this blog is planning on getting ALL the games with dinos in... try and guess who everybody. Anyways, that means he/she is gonna have to buy Splashdown 2! There's even a dino on the back of the frikin box! SIIICCCKKKKKKK!!!!

  4. Anonymous17:29

    SSSSIIIIIIICCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!! I forgot John Woo Presents Stranglehold, not only dinos but in a FRIKIN MUSEUM!!!!! Another reason to get a 360...

    Homophobe for dinosaurs.

  5. Anonymous14:28

    THIS SITE IS SHIT, when are you going to do an article about the Move/Kinect/Wiimote version of Assassin's Creed III? :@



    Already done that years ago. Next.


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