No Stairway?

Hey Kids,

I have been working on a little project, And its fucking Mental/Amazing! There's a little known site out there called Score Hero and well on the front i would guess it is a place for people out there to measure peoples scores/penis' against one and other create leagues against one and other generally, i suppose, it is just one of those "Online Community" sites. However this site hides a great and wondrous secret. In the forums section there is a sub-section called "Homebrew Projects" Now the tag line for this section is "Discussion about Guitar Mods, Wireless Projects". Where some of this may be true, Its not the golden Holy grail of this section,.Personally I am not bothered by some Stupid-faced loser defacing his limited edition 1972 Fender Expensocaster signed by Elvis and Modding it to be a guitar hero controller. No, the real Holy Grail is a forum sticky called "Idiot Proof Guide to playing custom made songs in GH2."

That's right in this Forum, there is a whole section devoted to getting other songs to be played in guitar hero! Yeah, and by "Other Songs" I don't mean your own, I mean honest to God, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Muse etc in Fucking guitar hero! And you know what, It fucking works! It fucking works. Admittedly you have to own a Modded PS2 (Modded with a Chip which allows Burned games, not Modded as in Some Stupid-faced loser who has added Neon lights and a cooling system to his PS2) but it fucking works. Check it out! It involves Some programs being installed, and also, someone out there who has been kind enough to create a file which contains all the info on where to hit the right notes for the songs, and a copy of the original track you want to put into Guitar hero.

It works! Comfortably Numb, Stairway to heaven, Knights of Cydonia!

Proper fucking Rock n' Roll!

Love and Hugs,



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