Well thank fuck for that

Alright dudes and dudettes TGAM is back. Our temporary exile from this most fantastic blog has mean you guys missed out on some excellent posts:

1) The post that was a parody of this one from UK:Res. Oh man it was pretty funny and included some out of the box fresh images.
2) Our belated game-themed christmas carols sung in the style of you're average yanky warbler like "Saiiiii ay ay ay yai halent hill, Ho oo ooo oo oo oo ly hill ayll is braaiyaiyaiyaiyaiyiayyiayt". That was a genius post I'm telling you.
3) You missed some of Chuff_72's anecdotes like the time he believed he liked Tekken and the time he hated the XBox 360.
4) You missed the congratulations, congratulations, commisserations posts for Richie getting a stunning girl, marrying her and then subsequently she died. Of the face AIDS.
5) Our photo exclusive of what happens when you drink 7 pints of wife-beater (stella artois) or big wkd blues (for Richie) and then play Wario Ware smooth moves on the Wii taking shots of Absynthe every time you lose a game. Suffice to say we killed the TGAM cat Celeste. We miss you greatly Kitty but we still have our flickr collection of you wearing a hat, walking on the keyboard looking like you are playing WoW or just looking at the camera like an evil kitty.
6) Our hands on with Dead Rising 2. It's fucking awesome, Zangief, Leon and a dude from Lost Planet are in it. And oh yes oh fukting yes

You didn't miss
1) Our post about how great the Wii including many such hilarious "Wii" words as wiipilosa, wiipedagogy and wiiLaurenceofArabia.
2) Our whiny rant about RTM or WoW or griefing in seond life. No whining at all really.
Bis dann, Happy Frickin New Year and I'll blog you later


  1. Anonymous13:50

    I used to LOVE Tekken...

  2. God rest ye merry, Haiduken
    Let nothing you Vad dat dat deruken
    Remember, Christ, our Tiger Uppercut
    Was born on Yoga Flame
    To save us all from Tiger Knee
    When we were gone astray
    O tidings of comfort and joy,
    Comfort and joy
    O tidings of comfort and thonic boom


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