Yesterday, Long Time TGAM Commentor and occassional guest writer Chuff_72
"OH SIIIICCCKKKKKKK someone on this blog is planning on getting ALL the games with dinos in... try and guess who everybody. Anyways, that means he/she is gonna have to buy Splashdown 2! There's even a dino on the back of the frikin box! SIIICCCKKKKKKK!!!!"
"SSSSIIIIIIICCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!! I forgot John Woo Presents Stranglehold, not only dinos but in a FRIKIN MUSEUM!!!!! Another reason to get a 360...Homophobe for dinosaurs."

It's true readers. I'm giving up on trying to collect all the games I would like in my games collection. The sad truth is I just don't have time to play them all and I know that one day soon I'm going to lose a cable, lead or accessory which means some of my old consoles are going to have to be put down. For good. Nothing but museum pieces.

Until then I'm going to try to get every game that has featured dinosaurs (real dinosaurs, sorry Yoshi, Bub & Bob) and then beat that game. As Chuff_72 rightly points out though there are stacks of games that feature dinosaurs and some of them are near impossible to get anymore. Jurassic Park III DNA Factor anyone?. In fact I'm not sure half of them were ever on general release. They certainly weren't in game.

Anyway, Chuff_72 was right about both Stranglehold and Splashdown 2. Thanks to IGN for this picture

Maybe I was wrong about you IGN? Anyway Stranglehold looking sexy on the left here.

Splashdown, something something looking a bit PS3 on the left here, from the wonderful Gamespot.
I can see this is going to be a very expensive endeavour...........
What about you reader? Do you want to completely over-obsess about something in games? You might as well because there is nothing else out on the radar at the moment. Does anyone remember something about next-gen consoles? I heard that one of them was coming out soonish? Ohhh what about the DS? That used to be a good platform. Or the PSP? Is that still on sale near you?

Next Week on That Guy's a Maniac, World's Second Best Videogame Blog....
Richie "I'm a co-author" Posts about something other than non dinosaurs??? Could it be? Stay connected to find out.


  1. Something other than non dinosaurs means Richie will be posting about dinosaurs. See what clever wordsmith I am? SEE THAT GAMESPOT?

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