Auchinawa: that was ages ago...

Hi All!

Well a wee while ago I... Ahem... wenttoananimeconvention, and while i was there I thorough the mas variety of Final fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Cosplayers I scoped out the and I quote "Games room". Franky, as i stumbled down the corridor, ambling past some huge pair if black wings from someone dressed us your typical androgynous anime character, with well black wings, my knee's grew weak at the prospect as to what could be behind those mystical doors entitled "Games room". Now I have no idea what to expect, I mean its a Video games room at an anime convention, surely it has to be good right? I mean this must be like the cream of gaming, I mean there may be a few obscure Japanese titles, possibly from a generic anime featuring generic androgynous anime characters, possibly with black wings, but they can be forgiven, as long as there is only a few. As i amble into the room the sight i fall victim to is slightly, shall we say, disheartening.

Figure 1. A Nintendo Gamecube in a wooden box featuring the import title "Bleach".

Figure 2. Guitar hero 2.

Figure 3. Getting better, A Dance Dance Revolution UK machine.

Figure 4. Xbox 360 with Dead or Alive 4

Figure 5. Some one sitting playing their DS all alone, brings a tear to the eye don't it.

And that is it... A few consoles, a stupid dance machine and a lonely emo chick, That guys Field reporter Richie Signing off from yet another trip in to the frighting geeky depth of the soul.

I should also mention Tia was there DJing, we actually got an exclusive from her a while back, read it here

And well this kind of Cosplay i can agree with, Chicks dressed a Ulala!

Also you can check out Tia's Radio show on Subcity every Monday, the show is called Diversion

Enjoy and G'Night kids.


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